Are we what we eat? Sind wir, was wir essen? ¿Somos lo que comemos?

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Are we what we eat?

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Are we what we eat?

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872), one of the founders of the materialist conception of the world, is credited with the phrase: "Man is what he eats," and is the man, though we dislike, is a puppet at the mercy of the food that eats every day and transforms through digestion. But if we are more than matter, I would add to that famous phrase: "Man is what he eats, when he eats badly" because if you eat well, the cosmos strongly influence us affected by the abstraction of a brain and we are well-nourished independent with a great self.

Think in the metaphor that the human body is an instrument for the spirit, in other words, the man uses the body as an instrument. This tool will become increasingly capable, with proper nutrition.

One wonders whether there is a possibility of organizing the body in such a way that is increasingly adapted to the impulses of our spiritual life in order that, through a correct diet, we free us independent of our body.

What we have to eat so we will not be what we eat?

The man decomposes the food and later his body goes through a second power directed from the brain with the cosmic influences.

The body is composed of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals, so the key question would be how to feed the man to receive the necessary amount of these substances, a balance to the laws operation of our body.

We cannot forget that every physical process is sustained or subtle spiritual processes, so processes are not only physical power, but they are the physical manifestation of spiritual processes. So if you eat animal products, you are not only introducing proteins and fats into your digestive system, but the spiritual structure.

We highlight the fact that from the physical world there is a chance to elevate the spirit world, because the physical body is also constituted by the etheric body or vital and behind this is the astral body. The astral body is a manifestation of instinctive feeling, everything is an expression of the spirit, we should see both the physical and the etheric body, penetrating both the astral body cohesively and all for the ego which is the fourth member of the human.

We can only talk about the food issue and its scope, seeing how they react to these four members under the influence of food or another.

Man feeds on the animal, vegetable and mineral

Plant’s photosynthesis is like man’s breathing. One against the other.

The etheric body throughout life prevents decomposition of the physical body, man and animal, also has an astral body which is the bearer of light and warmth inside. The light inside the animal produces the opposite of light outside the plants.

Upon receiving the light outside the plant can build your body with carbohydrates, proteins, causing the sap.

The interior light has a role in decomposition; this is a part of the astral body function, generating hot blood. Blood in the astral body is located, hence the wisdom of primitive peoples to bleed the animal carcasses to avoid eating their blood. Today there are guarantees for certain poultry or mammals that indicate that their sacrifice bleeding techniques are used, such as certified "halal", essential if the flesh is consumed by a Muslim, as does the Jews. In contrast, there are autonomous regions of Spain, who practice the consumption of animal blood, mainly pork, sausage-shaped... Another way of passing it is through blood transfusions, which I think is done lightly and not meditate on the real effects of these practices, which certainly can cause trauma to the patient, especially at a time when the patient is weak.

While the etheric body is responsible for the conservation of the physical body, the astral body is what causes its decomposition and destruction of substances obtained by heat. Without this internal decomposition, the man could not have one self, who take him to domestic life. Through decomposition by the astral body is obtained by the internal activity of consciousness. This decomposition led by the astral body generates heat in the blood and moves the nervous system, a true instrument of the Self.

Nervous system activity in its interior is also a result of the decomposition of substances and gives the man the power of thinking. Also the internal heat is due to the decomposition of protein, so the movement and the internal heat of the activity manifested astral body. Why not just taking the necessary amount of food, but foods that make the above processes? Because it is based on the internal life. If this process is not generated in the right way, the disease is the way to normalcy.

When a vegetarian diet is the internal reinforcement to assimilate something distant from us, the power of self; the opposite happens when you consume food of animal origin.

Not eating animal fat creates the needs of our internal strength to produce a fat, which generates interior light and a higher degree of awareness of self.

When we eat plant products we have to enable virginal energy to our astral body, which promotes a full swing to the inside, not used when animal products are usually consumed, because when consuming these products, you not only take the fat and the flesh, but also the effects that the astral body exercises within the animals themselves and incorporate false astral bodies that do not belong to us, it's the same effect as alcohol, which supersedes our true self, in fact meat and alcohol are maintained well, and consuming them without mercy is getting away from our true Self. There is no doubt that throughout history depending on the ages and races, the consumption of animal qualities provided to men that only animals possess, as a great display of raw physical forces: invasions, revolutions, fundamentalism, patriotism ... or gross mental forces that made them rigid in their ideas, without understanding your opponents and conceiving the existence of a narrow and limited, unlike the people who developed the internalization and the contemplative life, their food was mostly or exclusively plant-based.

Noting our development since we are designed to death, we realize that the stage of conception to birth, we feed on human blood.

You could say that the pregnancy continues until the first year that you can terminate the configuration of the body, Total 9 + 12 months = 21 months. During this time the food is 100% animal. Hence the existence of diseases such as measles, authentic ways cleansing, leaving red spots and rashes due to this concentrated food.

As the years pass is combined with some plant food and animal pair will strengthen our internal and culminating with a 100% plant food that we prepare to return and help us to detachment from the subject.

It should be noted that the athletes of short courses, racing effort and speed of animal feed and the other athletes racing long endurance consuming plant products.

If we put the different foods throughout our lives starting with conception and ending in death, under a vision of spiritual growth, we would have:

Until the first year of life:

  • Blood substitutes.
  • Breast milk
  • grains + milk + fruit + vegetables cooked cooked.

Up to 42 years of life reduce feed (meat, eggs and dairy products) as much as possible and little fruit, preferably cooked and provided the station.

  • grains + vegetables cooked and raw vegetables + fruits.
  • grains + vegetables + cooked vegetables and raw fish + fruit.
  • grains + vegetables cooked and raw vegetables + fruits + sea salt.

From 42 years until the death of the physical body, reduce quantity of food quality and 100% vegetable cooked with fruit and always preferred the station

  • grains + vegetables + cooked vegetables and raw fruits.
  • grains + vegetables + fruit cooked. Declining fairly pulses.
  • Cream + cereal + cooked vegetables

So if we wanted to overcome Feuerbachiana’s sentence, we have no choice but to strengthen our internal springs that will allow us to be independent, free and move away from being a manifestation of what we eat, and get under the umbrella of true freedom to integrate what we actually have come to learn from this earthly journey.

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2 Reviews about Are we what we eat?
on 27/11/2015
One thing that a lot of people don't realize about food we eat is that our body is continuously regenerating, creating new tissues, new lining to our organs, new skin, hair, nails. And it's getting the energy and material to do this precisely forom the food we eat! so yes! We ARE what we eat.
on 05/01/2014
I have learned many things about this article and now I feel like leaving the meat for once and start a better life with the things that my body really wants, this is perfect for the new year and the new life I want to have so thank you very much

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