Arba, 20 years near the forest Arba, 20 Jahre im Schutz des Waldes Arba, 20 años junto al bosque

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Arba, 20 years near the forest

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Arba, 20 years near the forest

In 1985 a group of friends decide to form trees of the Association for the Recovery of native woodlands. ARBA born at a time when the assault on our mountains was common and usual: Rozas to Segovia and juniper in Albacete established crops in clearings of oak Monfragüe to install eucalyptus across the terraces, and crops of Cantabrian. The picture was well nourished by conservation groups dedicated to wildlife, but lacked expertise in the flora.

We published “The Book of the Tagus” or “The approach to the flora of the tables of Villarubias de los Ojos”, books and papers collected by the I, II and III of Reforestation Comaden we did; Twelve Trees as facsimiles or My Friend the Tree and another pile of various publications.

We hope to be with you at least another twenty years. Our next goal is to overthrow the law of the land that is getting destroyed in a short time what had been saved so far. Now the premium asphalt and concrete on the grass and trees. And there is likely to finish.

If you want, see our contact page, as there are groups of ARBA near you and you can help (Valladolid, Bilbao, Cuenca, Almería, Tres Cantos, Sierra de Guadarrama...)

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1 Reviews about Arba, 20 years near the forest
on 07/10/2014
Interesting article, but I wish it had a few more details about what specifically was going on. Do you think you could provide a map outlining the region this is taking place? And perhaps a few more details regarding the work being done here? It sounds like there's a good idea behind this, but I'm curious to know a bit more.

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