Apart-Hotel Venus Albir is the first Organic Hotel in Spain Das Apart Hotel Venus Albir ist das erste Bio- Hotel in Spanien El Aparta-Hotel Venus Albir será el primer Hotel Biológico de España

» » » Apart-Hotel Venus Albir is the first Organic Hotel in Spain

Apart-Hotel Venus Albir is the first Organic Hotel in Spain

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Apart-Hotel Venus Albir is the first Organic Hotel in Spain

On November 17th the Committee on Organic Agriculture (CAE), environmental monitoring agency, together with the German Bio Chain hotels throughout the world BIOHOTELS will deliver Venus Albir Hotel Move-in Alicante, Certificate credited as the first Bio Hotel in Spain. Passed all audits and inspections of construction and biological quality, the highest body of environmental monitoring at the European level has certified this facility hotel, built in 2002 and located in the town of Alicante, L'Alfas de Pi, - between the towns of Altea and Benidorm - as the first in Spain under the category of 'biological'.

This certification means that the total guarantee for the first time in Spain there is the alternative to staying in a hotel that respects the environment, which offers food prepared with organic products. This is ultimately a tourist complex designed under the criteria of ecological construction and conducted under the pillars of the 'geo-bio-building' for the use of indigenous materials from the site that has been built, and built with natural elements such as thermal clay blocks, marble, cork insulation and organic paints. Handrails are washed ceramic glass surface and the slip is green. An installation of solar collectors to heat the hot water tank and a tank to use rain water for plants as alternative energy sources are being used at the moment. It is decorated with wooden furniture, lamps, alabaster, cotton sheets, mattress supports of wood and latex mattresses. Located about 500 meters from the beach, you can see from its windows the Natural Park of Sierra Frost. There are available twenty-four apartments and large central facilities, which offer different activities, courses and workshops.

There is an organic restaurant, where you can find a tasty cuisine made with healthy foods free of additives, colorings, preservatives, pesticides and hormones. You can taste from a fruit paella to an assortment of Iberian tenderloin with apple or a brasserie. For dessert, an ice cream of avocado with soy milk and pumpkin pipes. This is biological certified. Alternatively, a small store with natural food, wine, fresh fruit and vegetables provides the opportunity to cook in the apartment for those customers who want it.

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1 Reviews about Apart-Hotel Venus Albir is the first Organic Hotel in Spain
on 29/11/2015
I would love to visit this hotel and see what it's all about and how they run their business. When I was travelling abroad in latin america, I stayed at a lot of hostels, and I always thought it looked fun to run a hostel, so I'm interested in hearing more.

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