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Anxiety, depression and sugar

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Anxiety, depression and sugar

About cases caused by altered states of mind, there have been driven several versions that psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors of any kind attributed to different causes and reasons. On this occasion I would like to talk about altered states of mind and deep relationship with the consumption of white sugar.

What is white sugar?

White sugar is produced through a multiple chemical process of sugarcane juice or sugar beet, the process eliminates all proteins and fiber plant.

How does it act in the body?

Every time we eat at least one or two teaspoons of sugar, the body goes into imbalance and lots of minerals too. When this happens day after day, month after month and possibly the rest of life, the body suffers a severely wear, and there comes a time that is impossible to get back to balance. What happens is that the white sugar is bad but we have a belief that serves as a source to provide energy and is vital for brain function. It is true that your body needs glucose to function, but no more sugar than the contained in fruits, vegetables and some organic food.

First reaction

It is no exaggeration to say that when we eat a soda, candy, cake or any refined food that contains sugar, the body's first reaction is equal to one of stimulant drugs: the beginning one feels stimulated and dominated by a certain nervous energy because the brain reacts instantly. We can note that especially in children who do not have adequate food and just "fill" or consume sweets, cakes and candies without moderation. They may be overly active and full of energy, for the moment to actually “uncontrollable”. However, when passing the end, the body is confronted with serious consequences either a child or adult. I won’t explain everything that happens in your body because it is a complex process. I simply say what this food provokes every time you use it, especially in emotional states.

But before…

I must say that the vast majority doesn’t know what refined sugar (or sucrose) actually creates. Misinformation or distorted information makes us believe that it is not so bad and, in fact, we need it. This is absolutely false, the body does not even need a gram of it, what the body needs is food and fruits that are organic, as natural as possible. Keep in mind that if there is a bad culture, it is the refined sugar is because most foods that are sold on the market contain sugar, either as a conservative, as a sweetener or other disguised forms.

Secondary reactions

The consumption of sugar mainly causes the blood raising its temperature, producing all kinds of obstructions, infections, allergies, affects digestion (gets fermented quickly and in a food bolus chemical process there is alcohol, which damages the liver. It is not appropriate to combine sweetened with food we eat. It's like if you had consumed alcohol in the food but you have not eaten), causes malnutrition, weight gain, and destruction or a weakened immune system. But especially disrupts the metabolism of calcium in addition to stealing the calcium to bones and teeth, severely unbalances nervous system. The most anxiety and emotional disorders are caused often by something as harmless as it seemed like a soda or a sweet candy. The intake of sugar leads to such a degree the emotional damage that is caused in most cases of laziness, fatigue, hyperactive children, inability to concentrate and learn, misery, insomnia, diabetes, anxiety, fear, and depression among others. If there is also a very poor diet, the consequences can be really severe and far-reaching in our emotional health. If you suffer from irritable moods, depression, sloth, and anxiety, try to remove from your diet all products containing white sugar for three or four months and watch your mood certainly being revitalized with all safety and sanitation. No knowledge is good if you do not use it, and to make it work, you must experience everything, check with your own experience, then you will be the best judge in this case, the best recipient.

That sounds interesting, but I really like soft drinks and sugar products.

As the sugar is a substance with addictive effects, it is understandable that if you try to decrease it or leave it, you ask your body and you are still craving it. You need to use all your will and respect for your body to be discriminating in your diet foods that contain it and that your body gets used to the new diet. There are experts on this issue, affirming that the sugar is left as quitting smoking, and for that really "sweet" people, it is almost as difficult as quitting a drug.

What to do?

You can start by consuming fewer sweetened water, and prefer some fruit when you do not resist the temptation to take something sweet in the mouth. I take the liquid and water without sugar, at first, it was certainly difficult, I sweetened a bit and yet I knew, Now, my palate is so used that I can taste deliciousness in a banana smoothie or in sugar-free lemonade. This has given me a very sensitive palate, and welcome in a new way to enjoy the meal. It is also important that you make every effort to revise the labels of the products you buy. Many of them bring sugar masked with the name of: glucose, dextrose, honey, malt, fructose, lactose, maltose, and those ending with "ose". All those products that say low in sugar or calories, are also highly harmful.

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1 Reviews about Anxiety, depression and sugar
on 15/10/2015
Yes, it is so true that all of these altered nervous states are related to our sugar consumption, and what's so sad is that sugar is so addicting, and so much of our population consumes so much of it, creating a very toxic cycle between anxiety and depression, and our addiction to junk food.

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