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Anti-cellulite massages

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Anti-cellulite massages

Cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem but also could affect the balance of our health. As in any condition, it is always possible to do many things to combat, prevent and eradicate it, but the main thing is to have a lot of willingness, patience and love for yourself so you can put your hips, legs, buttocks (or area of your body that has this this problem) in form, without having cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the formation of fatty deposits, toxins and water in certain parts of the body. These accumulations make the skin have an unattractive appearance. But beyond appearances, these accumulations are not allowing the body is in better health, because the blood does not circulate well and the excess of toxins and harmful fats in the body can lead to many diseases.

To combat cellulite is necessary to follow a diet low in harmful fats (animal meats, sausages, fried, etc.) and do much exercise, so your blood circulates vigorously, and burn the extra fat accumulated. It is also good climbing legs as raising against gravity prevent the formation of such deposits, and take care to include many vegetables and fresh fruits, juices and salads, at least 5 servings of fruit per day and a liter of vegetable juice (mixed each day).

But you may have already heard that, so there are other alternatives such as natural massages, which are really effective and can help reduce cellulite. Here are some of the most effective:

Massage Therapy

It is a therapeutic technique that involves the use of micro-injections of homeopathic medicines composed of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. This solution is injected into the middle layer of skin (the needles are very thin). The injected solution is prepared depending on the patient and purpose. There is not any kind of pain as only the tip of the needle is inserted into the skin and does not leave any scar. These sessions take just minutes and do not require a recovery time. In a meeting of this massage, food is often combined with other alternative therapies, such as brushing the skin with a natural fiber brush.

Lymphatic anti-cellulite massage

This technique has as main objective to help our body to eliminate toxins and stimulate the lymph nodes (or sewage disposal system of the body) with fingers and hands. It is rather a gentle massage, some aromatherapy oils are used by professionals to accentuate the benefits of massage, or even in some Spas, people combine this massage with the application of clays and salts in the body to exfoliate. Anti-cellulite lymph massage is deeper and concentrated on the affected areas, use a little more strength with fingers to undo the areas with nodules of cellulite, so the fat on the surface is distributed uniformly and the skin becomes smooth. When you combine this technique with quality food, the water (at least 2 liters a day) and exercise, this will greatly contribute to the fat and toxins get eliminated completely. A session can last from 50 minutes to an hour and a half.

Hydrotherapy massage

This massage is a therapeutic procedure that deals diseases such as cellulitis with water. This treatment will prevent and cure various ailments through the pressure exerted on the body by bathing local parts of the body, or full cold water baths in general (with herbs), or jets of water at different pressures areas. These actions are mainly on the blood circulation and nervous system, helping to eliminate harmful toxins and accumulated fats. It is a very natural treatment to treat cellulite and usually must be combined with a proper diet to enhance its effects.

Shiatsu Massage

The ancient Japanese therapy is indicated for the prevention and curing in many different health problems, and aesthetic, as is the case of cellulite. Shiatsu means "finger pressure". But in reality, massage is usually pushing with your thumbs, with the palm extended, forearms, elbows, knees and feet, so that it stimulates blood circulation and helps to undo accumulations of fat, among other things. This massage is applied on a mat lying on the floor, where both patient and masseuse wear comfortable clothes. This therapy has the advantage of trying, in addition, imbalances in the energy of a body that is manifested either in excess or deficiency.

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3 Reviews about Anti-cellulite massages
on 25/09/2014
I totally agree with katherine, and in fact, I was going to say soemthing quite similar. I know that it is so easy to say "diet and exercise", but it's so true!! You are what you eat!! and even more importantly (for weight loss) than dieting, is exercise!!! There's no way you can create a 1000 calorie daily deficit by dieting alone. The only way to burn serious calories in a short amount of time, is to TRULY exercise the fat away. There's no cheating here.
on 12/04/2014
for telling you the truth, your problem won't be solved with only shiatsu! if you have an ugly skin and you have many extra pounds in yourself, it is time to change the whole system that you are following in your body, this is what you need ........... but it is not simple as just saying
on 26/06/2013
I think that cellulite is a problem that most women have, even though they are skin, as this depends a lot in the skin and the blood circulation, so it doesn?t matter if you have a skinny body, you can still be prone to cellulite if you do not have the proper care or diet, and for that people, massage can be a good option as is easy and every one can have it.

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