Anorexia, bulimia a search for perfection Anorexie, Bulimie und streben nach Perfektion Anorexia y Bulimia. Buscando la perfección

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Anorexia, bulimia a search for perfection

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Anorexia, bulimia a search for perfection

Beauty is deeper search of every man and woman, when we seek to be smart, recognized , great, skilled and creative , even when looking for money or work , even when seeking revenge , which is looking at the bottom is to be beautiful. Someone might object immediately about it and say indignantly, something like “how can a thief or a crook want to find beauty!” And when someone says something like that, which is really saying is that the concept of beauty is a pattern that must comply and conform to something that he or she considered to be " perfect " when beauty is , to summarize in a few words , the simple expression of every living thing .

However, there is perfection, and there is in every man a secret quest to a higher realization. However it is not finding the perfect the problem, but a misunderstanding that has been given to this search. This misunderstanding is what has led many men and women feel guilty , to criticize and judged severely , to act in disapproving ways, demanding and even being cruel to themselves and others , refusing or rejecting themselves when not achieved longed perfection.

What is anorexia and bulimia?

They altered the perception of the image itself, where the person has a morbid fear of becoming obese, which is why the condition of all the conduct.

Why emerges anorexia ?

If we turn on the TV, if we see the magazines , if we listen to the radio or watch the ads down the street, everywhere is bombed a stereotypical beauty : being slim , having this and that to be "ideal" . These brads advertise a cruel bombardment of unnecessary information , which , at bottom , just look the already known manipulation: " I make you feel you need something so that I can sell you what you need. "

The problem is that these messages become absorbed into the minds most tender , those of the young, which are at a time where the most they want is to be loved and accepted , and those who do not enjoy having someone around to guide them with love and knowledge , fall into the terrible game of advertising and as they feel rejected and " ugly " look with more zeal meet the social standard to be accepted. Down the street , we can even see how the same people are cruel , and frowned upon or teasing the girls who are obese or unattractive : comments and looks that only reflect low self-esteem and disapproval that they themselves have for themselves . Her refuge, then, is to do everything possible to save it in an envelope perfect for someone to want and look " favorably "

The pathological extreme

It is not bad and good wanting to look cute and slender , as this is a sign of appreciation for the same . The point is when the target becomes obsessive and therefore pathological.

The symptoms for the possible anorexia ( before its appearance ) are:

  • Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat .
  • Wrong assessment of the figure and body weight.
  • An undeserved rejection
  • Denial of the seriousness of the current weight.
  • Extreme sensitivity to criticism .
  • Concern by changes in routine , lack of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Tendency to be a perfectionist .
  • Communication closed
  • Tendency to over- correction and education for their age. Can be tense or elated .
  • Concern for their physical appearance , excessive grooming , " not a hair out of place."
  • Concern unusual for their age on the school.
  • Very controlled behavior, able to hide their feelings
  • Withdrawal from friends and activities ; immersion unusual in a specific activity excluding other .
  • Amenorrhea
  • Unusual behaviors or compulsive , especially those related to food.
  • Mood swings .

Symptoms when anorexia and was presented :

  • Uses induced vomiting , misuse of laxatives , diuretics or enemas.
  • Eating by compulsion and removal by induced vomiting.
  • A body too thin .
  • Severe malnutrition
  • Nerve crisis
  • Eating disorders

Aftermath of anorexia :

Cardiovascular: arrhythmia , bradycardia , decreased cardiac size: Heart " drop" , mitral valve prolapse : according to the degree of severity is a major cause of sudden death, along with the arrhythmias produced by other mechanisms, some degree of heart failure , hypotension

Endocrine : polycystic ovaries : infertility, severe acne , increased body hair, alopecia androgenization.

Bone system : osteoporosis , decreased bone density, tendency to fracture.

Deficiency of thyroid hormone with a concomitant decrease in basal metabolism .

Disruption in the regulation of insulin production : abnormal glucose tolerance .

Dermatological : alopecia (hair loss ) , miniaturization of the hair follicles , thin hair , thinning and brittle, acne, skin pale -yellow and withered prone to broken capillaries ( varicose veins ) .

Digestive anorexia nervosa: malabsorption syndrome by " small flat" : there is a large decrease in the surface intestinal absorptive which leads mainly to deficit minerals (iron , calcium , magnesium and zinc) and multivitamins , rhythm disturbances : diarrhea , constipation , gastroesophageal reflux due to the permanent alteration of the lower esophageal sphincter caused by repeated vomiting induced peptic ulcer : chronic gastritis.

Hematologic : deficit of leukocytes (white blood cells ) which determines increased susceptibility to infection . Many patients have immunological abnormalities similar to AIDS , anemia difficult to reverse chronic .

Disorders of blood coagulation: deficit in platelets.

Aftermath nerve : electroencephalographic abnormalities , atrophy of certain areas of the brain , at the expense of ventricular dilation fortunately usually reversible with nutritional recovery psychosis.

Aftermath psychiatric : endogenous depression , neurosis , psychosis manic depression , some studies have shown a decrease in gray matter in the brain and increased volume of cerebrospinal fluid. However, it was found that when normalized weight of patients is not the case with gray matter and alteration persists over time.

Prevent bulimia and anorexia

Emotional education is a great help to the young men and women in schools : inform what these diseases are and the causes, with emphasis on the media.

What to do when it was detected?

  • First, avoid making you feel guilty or reject the plaintiff .
  • Consult with a specialist to talk amicably with the patient , informing about various body types and weights and guiding for this understanding and trust more in themselves , helping the self-esteem.
  • Promote the school with information about how important it is fat in the body into taking vital functions.
  • Report about the dangers of uncontrolled diets , avoiding scare students.
  • Show them through activities such as culture socially accepted promotes models anorexic , and prevent reporting about the loss of health in exchange for the beauty stereotypes.
  • Find activities that promote trust and acceptance in self, as talks, so that the person can begin to not engage with criticism or pressure from society .

It must be remembered in any case, treating all times to send the kids messages of acceptance and trust, make them understand somehow that seeking perfection and beauty is not in the pleasure of the strict criteria of others, but in the understanding of one in understanding our dreams and personal desires in the pursuit of our deepest fulfillment through a path where you try to always respect , acceptance and love for oneself, that is the true fulfillment , and it is work more arduous of all teachers, make it clear to your students how valuable it is to be what you are.

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3 Reviews about Anorexia, bulimia a search for perfection
on 11/12/2017
ermatological : alopecia (hair loss ) , miniaturization of the hair follicles , thin hair , thinning and brittle,  i lost a stone in a week and half a stone 3 weeks before that. Unintentional. 24 months later 60 percent of my hair has fallen out. The hair still in my head is so thin and dinr and brittle it breaks and cones out easily. It is miniturised and hair the little tbat grows back is niniturised. I am a stone heavier now than i ever have been. I jad lanugo hair on my face it wemt aqay last month will my hair thickness return. I am not aneamic. Thyroid is ok
on 23/03/2015
I just found out that one of my family members was anorexic last year. A lot of people think that anorexia is just a "food disorder", but the truth is, the complete term is anorexia NERVOSA. It is a MENTAL disorder. She didn't care so much about being THIN, but rather being in CONTROL of something.
on 01/09/2013
I was just thinking about what to do in the case of having an anorexic child, this is not my case, but I have seen many mothers that do not know what to do when they realize their kids are anorexic and this can change the whole family, for good if you change the mind of the person by good means

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