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Animal protein

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Animal protein

Proteins were the first substances identified as a vital part of living tissue. The name comes from a century ago from a Greek word meaning "of first importance." The protein from an etymological meaning is "first”. Molecules are very abundant in living organisms, constituting approximately 50% of the dry weight of cells. These are composed of amino acids. It is known that currently "developed world” consume more than double the protein requirements accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and health agencies of different countries, while in the Third World we see a serious protein deficiency.

In this obvious energy wastage, we must add that most of the consumption is of animal protein.

So talking about protein level, we can conclude that there should not be abuse and that the of total food should represent only 10-12% is recommended by 1 g / kg. of weight, 1.1 g / kg. of weight. As you can see a few and of quality. The proteins obtained from meat, eggs, fish, dairy, legumes, nuts and cereals, mainly.

If meats, better with Label and from organic agriculture

Consumption of meat provides excessive amounts of protein and saturated fat. A diet rich in proteins generates toxic byproducts in the form of nitrogen, the elimination of these products can seriously overload the kidneys unless you drink large amounts of water. A diet rich in fats is discouraged by all nutritionists.

In our modern times, as with most other foods, the biggest problem on the meat is the degeneration of its intrinsic quality. There is big difference between consuming hunting meat than commercial meat, although it is fair comment on the efforts of the authorities to overcome the scandal of "mad cow", providing the market with quality meats and increasing respect for the rhythms of growth of animals and avoiding fattening hormones, antibiotics needed for development in stables. It is not unreasonable to think that if these hormones present in milk fat and beef are used to fatten cows, will fatten the consumers and give them serious impairment of their reproductive systems.

Even we appeal to governments that is not only enough to recommend the grazing animals to obtain a label of quality, but places must be free of grass pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals used in growing pasture, as the animals in their tissues condense these chemicals, which would later be entered into our body, being a factor of degeneration of modern man today.

The current problem of beef, then it is not meat, but that meat is "dirty", adulterated with chemicals, meat from sick animals and overly medicated.

At present, many animals die in transport to the slaughterhouse.

Excessive consumption of meat produces:

  • Acidification of the blood, which facilitates the precipitation of cholesterol and other substances to form gallstones and kidney and uric acid crystals that appear in the form of rheumatism.
  • Intestinal Constipation
  • Absence of fiber
  • Hardening of certain organs such as kidneys, liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas
  • Facilitating atherosclerosis
  • It induces a battling and aggressive attitude capable of generating excessive rigidity in the consumer, which leads to non-acceptance of different views of their own. Suffice it to recall that there was formerly the custom of feeding warriors with flesh and blood.
  • It make individuals fans, leading to the revolutions, wars... of which there are numerous examples throughout history.

In summary, we can eat little meat, two or three times a week and a guarantee of quality.

Talking about eggs, ensure that are not from "concentration camp" farms, hens are kept in a cash handling machines for the sole purpose of laying eggs, do not forget that they are living beings, these eggs can be eaten without jeopardizing the health of the diner but the food concentrated to perform the hens and their extreme inactivity, egg yolk is full of saturated fat, not recommended for all health. Here we must be discerning and seek alternative, luckily there are eggs already on the market from chicken houses, with power supply to increase their quality and if you want to have sought assurances organic eggs with the seal of the Basque Government, which are sold in many establishments and even the producer can buy directly in the Thursday market in the Plaza de Toros.

It is important to remember that eggs are female reproductive cells of the apparatus of a living being and that makes it less advisable consumption in women and girls in general. This is not sexist connotations because the woman does not need to eat eggs as it has authority to take other values that this is not the place to talk about them.

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2 Reviews about Animal protein
on 30/09/2015
I know this is a controversial subject, especially for a lot of americans that can't live without their meat...but the fact is that red meat simply is not the healthiest option for us. Not only that, but raising them for food expends a TON of resources in feeding and watering them, and this process emits loads of greenhouse gasses.
on 10/11/2013
Well, This topic about eating or not meat is something that should be talked with time and patience, however, every person can claim that the consumption of meat can be harmful if you do not even know what are you eating, if that contains bad things that will affect you and your family, then the people start to get worried about the topic

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