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Andropause: What is and what to do

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Andropause: What is and what to do

In women it is called menopause, in men, Andropause. And although in men there are no visible signs as in women (the cessation of menstruation) to determine the entry to this period, it exists in both sexes, the gradual decline in hormone levels in women decreases production of estrogens and in men testosterone production.

What is Andropause?

Between 45 and 55 years, the men begin to experience a number of changes in all respects. It is a time when many people begin to question their achievements, their non-achievements, their course, lifestyle and decisions, this type of thinking can be the start of a new maturity, a review of the life. And apparently this time could be accompanied by a series of changes in the body, which may experience some fatigue, loss of energy or physical agility, and a decrease in sex drive. These possible symptoms you experience are due to a transition stage, and are a consequence of the gradual decline of testosterone, which indicates that the man becomes a new period of maturity in his life called, in medical language, Andropause.

How long is this transition?

The transition in man in this new phase can extend over decades, can be accelerated much more if it began its evolution with the attitude of stress, abuse of alcohol or snuff, the injuries or surgeries, medicines, nutritional neglect, lack of physical exercise and obesity.


Indeed, as in women, symptoms can be varied depending, mostly, in care for the male body and mind and emotions, according to the philosophy or attitude that has to settle and live. It is not known when the first symptoms appear, and what exactly will therefore vary for each male. But what may not have to take this moment as a serious problem or worry. The following is a brief list of possible symptoms indicating that there are low levels of bioavailable testosterone in the body:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Osteroporosis
  • Decline in semen quality
  • A low ejaculate volume and projection.
  • Declination of erection due to a more rapid loss.
  • New attitudes, emotional and behavioral
  • Low tone and muscle strength
  • Increased accumulation of body fat around the waist and upper body
  • Cardiovascular Risk

The importance of testosterone in the body of a man

This hormone has a unique effect on the body of man that is produced in the testes and adrenal glands, and it is helpful to form proteins, is essential to produce erections and have a vigorous sexual activity.

Testosterone, on the other hand, is essential involved in many metabolic activities such as production of blood cells in the bone marrow, bone formation, lipid metabolism, metabolism of carbohydrates, liver function and formation of the prostate.

What to do when testosterone decreases?

The period of the Andropause has taken into account because testosterone leaves to intervene in the above body. That's why we recommend when starting to feel certain symptoms, going to a health professional to find out what is the best choice for every man, whether in matter of diet, habits or attitudes. The decline in testosterone could have long-term problems that are not noticed by now, but that might later affect the quality of life, such as the risk cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hip fracture , loss of height, and so on.

Alternative therapies to treat Andropause

And alternative therapies for Andropause are not as advanced as menopause therapies. However there are many new medical studies and findings that are shared and updated quickly among doctors of all kinds. It is always good in any case, consulting your doctor who can help you decide which option is best for you.

Replacement therapy of testosterone, so far, is one of the most effective. If you choose this option, you must help your doctor in your treatment plan, commenting if you have any unusual or allergic reaction to androgens or anabolic steroids. Consider that if you're an adult man and have children but think having more, the high doses of androgens may cause infertility.

Several clinical studies have reported very good response to testosterone in men with low testosterone levels, such responses include:

  • Improvement in mood and feeling of wellbeing
  • Increases mental and physical energy
  • Better emotional fullness, reduces irritation, sadness, fatigue or nervousness
  • Help better to rest
  • Increases libido and improves sexual performance
  • Increased lean body fat, reduced fat
  • Increased muscle strength (strength to grip, upper and lower extremities)
  • Reduces risk of heart disease

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4 Reviews about Andropause: What is and what to do
on 14/08/2015
There is so much emphasis placed on women's menopause, and it's so interesting to hear the other side of the coin. I don't understand why men are so ignored during the aging process, when women have so much information available to them.
on 02/09/2013
This is one the biggest fears of all men and this is because we are afraid of getting older and forgetting what it feels like having good sense with the necessity of anything like pills, maybe this is a very controversial topic, but it so true, and proved, so we just have to learn to flow with the life and enjoy all the time
on 14/07/2010
I am 45 yrs of age.I feel very fatigue the last two weeks no libido also and irritation and bad mood can I be suffering andropause.
on 31/12/2008
Hola, lei el articulo sobre andropausia , yo tengo 41 anos y me encontraron baja testosterona , inicie la terapia de reemplazo con Androgel , el doctor dice es que es una terapia a largo plazo , la libido me ha disminuido notablemente y no soy capaz de mantener erecciones firmes ni duraderas , tengo tres meses con la terapia y aunque en la ultima semana he notado alguna mejora con mis erecciones la cosa sigue mal , saben ustedes cuanto tiempo es requerido para reestablecer las funciones sexuales . gracias .


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