Andalusia promotes ecological agriculture Andalusien fördert die ökologische Landwirtschaft Andalucía fomenta la agroindustria ecológica

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Andalusia promotes ecological agriculture

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Andalusia promotes ecological agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries provides for the development, growth and diversification in agro-ecological production system. This is the priority objective of the policy to promote production and consumption of environmental, and aims to stimulate domestic consumption and marketing of organic foods in Andalusia.

In this regard, the eco-industries have grown by 19% compared to the latest data from the end of 2007, with particularly significant increases in processed and packaged fruit and vegetables (17 new businesses), and fruit preserves (7), baking (4) and slaughterhouses (3). Cordova is the province that leads the list in number of agribusiness, with a total of 73 (43% of them packing and oil mills), followed by Granada (67) and Malaga (66).

The Ministry through the Directorate General of organic production has taken to promoting agro ecology. Examples of this include: the aid of grants and orders, which in 2008 have enjoyed a new category related to the distribution, in addition to existing support for processing and marketing that are key in developing the sector and the advisory service to specific industries; campaigns and promotion at trade fairs, including the organization of the National Fair of Organic Agriculture in Córdoba; supporting the association and the organic food program for social consumption, which affects a higher demand for second and third range.

These measures to boost agro-ecological and is named Ecoándalus program, designed to promote organic farming in Andalusia. These Days of environmentally friendly production techniques, under the umbrella of the Regional Agricultural Office in collaboration with the Department of Development. In this regard, one of the speakers, Juan Manuel García, explained that the purpose is to spread organic agriculture throughout Andalusia and are targeted to farmers to explain the benefits and techniques of cultivation of these production methods and show that there are other alternatives to traditional agriculture. Garcia said that "one of the major problems when the consumer purchases the product is the price." He also called for "fewer intermediaries." Also, he insisted that the goal of this activity lies in promoting the production of organic products from local farmers, making special emphasis on the organic agriculture is and will be the future, as the only form capable of combining agriculture and environment in a sustainable manner. "

Huelva: Meeting on Organic Agriculture

The weight of the province of Huelva in the sector of organic production nationally and Andalusian has been shown in late March at the I Meeting of Hispano Luso on conservation and production. The meeting was held in Almonte in the IV Expo Doñana Sostenible.

Event was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture of both countries and was carried out just as we celebrate the World Forestry Day and World Water Day.

The idea came after the Lisbon agreement which both countries signed last year. The aim is to discuss common problems and review the section of the peninsula to cope with challenges and seek common markets, explained yesterday the president of CAAE, Francisco Casero.

“Basically the meetings tried to make it possible to reach common initiatives for future European standards and in order to protect production in the Mediterranean off the north-central with markets that remain, "said Casero. It added that the countries of southern Europe "have made little effort to ensure that we take into account in Brussels. We have very good producers but also many difficulties and, therefore, a partnership can benefit."

The meeting has five axes of debate:

  • 'Internal Market': distribution and marketing of organic products that are two weaknesses of the economic sectors;
  • 'Ecological Management and Innovation': why the progress of research and innovation are not reflected in the information goes to the operators;
  • 'Development and business development': the need to add value and business development in the areas of production;
  • 'Environmental value of organic production' for further progress in sustainable production, and also add the best practices throughout the process through renewable energy sources;
  • 'Co-operation and inter-production': possibilities to continue working on both sides of the border through the rural development groups that already exist in the two countries.

Some important information ....

Portugal has 233,000 hectares of organic production compared to 784,000 in 8200 with Andalusia operators and private certifiers 6. The turnover of these products in 2008 exceeded 300 million. In the community of Andalusia, Huelva province ranks first in area to 186,044 hectares and Green 1081 operators. Within the province, Almonte stands out with 50% of such production to have 87,000 hectares. Also highlighted in Huelva with 606 farms and 56,666 head of cattle, as in the 13,893 bee hives and 2 bee farms.

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1 Reviews about Andalusia promotes ecological agriculture
on 16/10/2014
It seems like every region in Spain has some sort of organic agriculture plan in going on, which is absolutely fantastic. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon next year in Spain, and I've been reading these articles to get a better idea of some of the places we'd like to visit. Thanks so much!

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