Andalusia: organic food and eco-tourism Andalusien: ökologisch erzeugte Lebensmittel und den Öko-Tourismus Andalucía: alimentos ecológicos y ecoturismo

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Andalusia: organic food and eco-tourism

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Andalusia: organic food and eco-tourism

To value organic food, Andalusia is conducting a major development of ecotourism and rural areas. These enterprises were provided by the General Directorates of Production Ecological and Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment of Andalusia. It was in the sampling frame Ski & Snow, Nature 2008 , which was held at the Institución Ferial de Madrid (Ifema) from 14th to 16th November, these institutions focused on the idea promote organic products.

In the fair, besides, a hundred national and international exhibitors participated, and this is where the idea of informed gave special prominence to the involvement of public institutions and autonomous communities in promoting these sectors.

Under the fair Natura 2008 many activities were conducted in the promotion of organic products in the region, among them, conducted a show-cooking where the renowned local chef Manolo Rincon surprised with gastronomic proposals developed exclusively with organic ingredients of Andalusia. The idea of the organizers is that through this exhibition, operators of sports and tourism that come together in Ski & Snow, Natura 2008 can know the extent of organic production Andalusian. And can also expand other economic activities linked to rural development in Andalusia, as sectors that represent growth opportunities linked to sustainability, the environment and quality assurance for the consumer.

Thanks to the Concierge of Agriculture and Fisheries, this year was launched an area exclusively for the promotion of organic products produced in the region. This is spaces with a distinct area where many businesses in the Community may exhibit and sell their products. No doubt the idea of space is to avoid using synthetic chemicals, ensuring a high organoleptic quality and conservation of natural resources. Another advantage is that in this zone exhibitory local producers will also have the opportunity to establish business contacts with almost 40 institutions that convened the Agriculture and Fisheries, and covering the fields of public catering, hospitality and health.

On the other hand, the Agriculture and Fisheries has submitted Natura 2008, a complementary nature tourism's mix of activities in air, land and water. In short, invites workers and cooperative joint actions carried out by groups of Andalusian Rural Development: the network of free-flying, eco-tourism in reservoirs and routes of geo-diversity in Andalusia.

Facing with this new venture, it is necessary to recall that as far as agriculture in Andalusia is the region that almost 60% of the hectares and grown in terms of livestock, who make Andalusians hold nationwide.

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1 Reviews about Andalusia: organic food and eco-tourism
on 27/06/2015
I love how certain regions of spain are taking such efforts to create an environment of sustainability wit htheir organic agriculture and ecotourism. It really is an inspiration for people and countries outside of Andalusia to do the same.

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