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Andalusia is highlighted in Biofach 2009

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Andalusia is highlighted in Biofach 2009

From 19th to 22nd February is performed Green Fair in global reference Biofach 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. This year the fair celebrates its XX edition and has an outstanding representation of the Andalusian sector, which goes to the annual event with over half a hundred companies from the hand of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and a national leadership position enhanced by an extraordinary increase of the agricultural land for organic agriculture.

Because Andalusia in 2008 has surpassed the 784,068 certified hectares, an increase of 34.5% over 2007, the highest in recent years. The community of Andalusia, which has also reached the 453 operators and 8124 eco-industries, thus consolidating its role reference in the organic sector in Spanish. This is shown to be a protagonist in Biofach 2009, and the idea of finding a greater visibility in foreign markets.

This year more than 2900 exhibitors are in German soil, where it should be noted, 70% of them are international.

Regarding public, it is estimated there will be a number excess of 46,000 people and a net exhibition area of 43,000 square meters. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, through a full work schedule and a parallel exhibition will contribute to strengthening the marketing and distribution of organic products of international market in Andalusia.

A institutional stand of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries shows the most representative sectors in Andalusian agroindustry: oil, fruits, vegetables and honey. The booth is located in Hall 5 of the property and consists of almost 700 square meters. There, the exhibitors conducted tastings, demonstrations, tastings and presentations of players and products in an area of special conditioning.

Andalusian Green Excellence

With regard to the wine industry, four firms of Andalusian wine highlight the excellence of this organic growing with a differentiated Wine Pavilion. Biofach will be welcoming the award ceremony of the International Competitions Ecoracimos for organic wines, and Ecotrama for the extra virgin olive oil organic.

Within the program of activities is planned on Friday, February 20, the presentation by the director general of the production of the Board of Andalusia, José Román, of the XIV Feria Nacional de Agricultura Ecológica,BioCórdoba 2009. 

For its part, the Andalusian Family Biotec SCA , presented at Biofach 2009 a new line of food products with complete nutritional oil derived from olive organic extra virgin.

Some data

In 2008, has occurred in Andalusia the fastest-growing area devoted to organic farming in recent years, with particularly significant increases depending on the type of farming. Thus, the area devoted to seed and nursery grew 125.9% over the previous year, in addition to those of grassland (59.2%), vegetables and tubers (45%), citrus (20, 3%) and nuts (17.2%).

The organic sector has also registered a remarkable growth in the number of operators, going from 7585 in 2007 to 8124 in 2008 ( 7777 of them being farmers) as well as the amount of livestock and beehives, which have exceeded 357,863 this year, 59,203 more than in 2007.

The provincial distribution of organic agricultural land situated at the head Huelva with 186,044.85 hectares, followed by Jaen (157,378.64), Cadiz (106.479,5), Seville (101,857.69), Cordova (85,857.38), Granada (81,898.50), Almería (35,688.71) and Malaga (28,862.08). Nonetheless, based on the number of operators in each province, Almería is the first of the relationship, with a total of 1,714 (in 2007 was also a leader with 1,643).


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1 Reviews about Andalusia is highlighted in Biofach 2009
on 17/10/2014
Wow, that is so cool that Andalucia is making so many gains in organic farming and agriculture. I know this article was written quite some time ago, but I'm assuming this conference is annual, right? Do you have any updated information regarding recent changes and accomplishments had in the organic community recently?

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