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Ambient Intelligence, health and welfare

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Ambient Intelligence, health and welfare

The goal of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is seeking welfare for the public and getting a new friendly, rational, productive, sustainable and safe individual with the environment. Experts from several countries met in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in order to know the latest results of research conducted in this field. 

Environmental Intelligence applied to everyday people is closer to a reality that moves from day to day. “This concept is attractive, futuristic, and that speaks of interconnected intelligent environments" said Javier Uceda, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the opening of the reunion, he defined new technological scenarios, characterized mainly by the existence of digital environments, with Device sensitive to the presence of people and react to them, adapted to their needs, habits and emotions.

Technological development has brought to our reality as a few years ago it was subject of science fiction. Smart clothes with sensors that monitor our bodily signs, places such as home, office or leisure facilities that meet our tastes and preferences as soon as you enter them, devices that help people with disabilities, systems for the practice of physical exercise without leaving home, or technological solutions for the management of patients, are some of the applications of Ambient Intelligence systems, which seek to create a new relationship of the individual with their environment.

School Telecommunications Engineers of the UPM looks to enhance research in the area of AmI. Life Supporting Technologies, as part of this School, is one of the research and innovation in the field of e-Health, dedicated to the prevention, prediction and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Research interests are in the field of ICT applied to the domain of health.

In the reunion participated Gonzalo León and José Manuel Páez, vice Research and International Relations of the UPM, Guillermo Cisneros, director of UPM-ETSIT Jose Luis Ripoll, CEO Vodafone Ireland Foundation, and M ª Teresa Arredondo, director of the Vodafone Chair and Director of UPM Relations with Latin America from the UPM.

Source: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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