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Alternative Therapy Center

This is an area of Health, reflection, support and training for anyone looking to start or continue their own journey of healing and can also help anyone who seeks solace for soul and harmony to body.

Harmonization Energy Therapies

Magnified Healing®

Magnified Healing® is a technique of "Magnified Healing" which has as its primary objective to revive the course of the energy running through our body and magnify the vital current, balancing all energy levels: the spiritual, physical, emotional and / or mental. The common ailments and diseases originate in blocking the energy flow.
Session of Magnified Healing®

This delicate and dynamic treatment restores the body's lost harmony and balance, connecting it with its own energy source. For all this, it can be understood as a single cleaning process and a transmitter of energies within us.

The entire procedure is performed by lying on of hands by a trained professional. Through a continuous movement of hands, it connects the person with the necessary energy source for self-fulfillment. A steady stream of energy that aligns the chakras of the person or Energy Centers with higher spiritual centers to allow the first activated, rotate, cleaned, to connect, expand and radiate. This healing technique also works on the nervous system and stimulates the calcium in the backbone.

It is extremely important to maintain the column, which is the main vertical power current and energy of the nerves that are in contact with various body organs. By stimulating and redistribute the calcium in the backbone, this treatment helps to retrieve it, making it flexible, strong and healthy for supporting all aspects of life.

Everyday experience teaches us that most of our problems begin when our self-esteem declines. At the reunion with the Energy that flows through our body, we can experience the confirmation of our being, this means that we can accept ourselves as we are and rely on our own energy to feel good and get ahead.

If you are aware about the energy through your body, understand the importance of magnifying and intensifying the vital current to permeate each of its cells. Magnified Healing ® is a tool for energy and to awaken the spark of Divine Light and Love in your heart. In this way, may radiate to the full the Love and Light of your Being ... radiate to all beings around it.

Magnified Healing session, set to:

  • Common diseases or physical body aches
  • Chronic or terminal cases. Arthritis - Cancer - AIDS ...
  • Stress - Physical exhaustion, mental and emotional.
  • Disharmonies psychological (depression, phobias, anxiety, insomnia ...)
  • Dysfunctions: Neurological and mental.
  • Special situations: pregnancy, childbirth, prenatal period.
  • Pre and post surgery.

The invitation to receive Magnified Healing is also for anyone who wants to expand the energy in search of a higher state of consciousness, restoring balance and therefore be able to dive into life fully, with joy in the soul.

Elsa B. Marroco
Master Teather in Magnified Healing (R)

Sound Therapy

At first all was silent and empty until God through his word (primordial sound)
created light and life.

(Genesis Bible).
Quartz Crystal Bowls


The "glass bowl" or "Crystal Bowls are delicate circular vessels, dating from the purest quartz that nature has given us, and that being grazed in gently with a rod specifically designed, are capable of emitting pulses and harmonizing sounds.

Each bowl radiates a specific musical note, that upon entering the auric field of Being, dynamically balancing the chakra (energy centers).

The benefits of Quartz Bowls can be summarized as follows:

  • Unlock stress statements
  • Harmonize symptoms of depression
  • Raise own creativity
  • Expand the inner joy
  • Balance the Chakra system and Auric Field
  • To stimulate and strengthen the immune system, so that the being deploys wireless self-healing natural resources
  • Invigorate all bioenergy systems that make up the being: Meridians, Nadis, Vortices, subtle bodies, etc.
  • Develop a healthy relationship between the physical body, mental body and spiritual body.

How these instruments were born?

Through ceremonies built through the vibration of sound, lighting arches surrounding the planet in order to accelerate the frequency and expand the consciousness of humanity. Ancient Civilizations (Atlantean and Egyptian) used harmonizing properties of quartz crystal bowls for therapeutic purposes, returning the being to the natural state of health and harmony.

These beautiful instruments of Quantum healing were considered sacred by possessing the ability to channel the nectar of the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. At present both scientists in general as NASA scientists say SOUND-COLOR born of quartz bowls active within the cellular memory of the being, powerful stimuli capable of reversing the aging process and disease. The resonance that the SOUND-COLOR occurs within the atomic structure of Being, generates a dynamic transformation, resulting in profound changes in cellular information.

Thus Forms - thoughts, emotions and physical disharmony patterns, change their vibrational pattern, amount and frequency sway correspondence. Similarly subtle bodies that make up our electromagnetic field and are attuned to SOUND-COLOR, and contact as pure vibrations achieve its full potential for self-regeneration.

The sounds emitted by a crystal bowl, enhance and amplify the harmonizing virtues any therapeutic tool: Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation Techniques, Gems, Essential Oils, Homeopathic Formulas, Flower Therapy, Medicinal Herbs, Body Techniques, Acupressure, Acupuncture.

Prof. Elsa B. Marroco
Director, Center for Integrated Therapies

Educator-Floral Psicopedagoda-Psychotherapist and Practitioner in "Edward Bach Center" England-Aroma-Traditional Reiki Master - Master Teacher in Magnifield Healing - Crystal Bowl Healing Practitioner-Therapist with Polyhedra (Sacred Geometry).

Other therapies in Center 

  • Reiki
  • Flower Therapy
  • Energy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Connective Therapy
  • Kinesiologist and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Besides ...

  • Harmonization Energy Therapies
  • Therapeutic Area "within reach of all"
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Concert "Harmonic Sound"
  • Practice for Body and Soul
  • School therapists
  • Mental Health

Comprehensive Therapy Center 
Av Urquiza 4824 - Caseros - Buenos Aires

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2 Reviews about Alternative Therapy Center
on 10/12/2014
It's really interesting (and great news!) to see more information and coverage regarding aternative healing centers. A while ago I bought a book (by chance I found it at Goodwill), called "Herbal Healing" and it was a fantastic resource for taking responsibility for one's perfect health, and it really reshaped the way I think about health.
on 30/05/2013
I didn?t know anything about this topic, pretty amazing, I want to see results so I?m going to search a little bit more about people who have done this therapy and the reasons for trying it, thanks a lot for the information I do want to visit this place!

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