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Alternative therapies Maryna

We are a group of therapists who, in complete seriousness, have professional training and experience, we approach you to offer a better quality of life.

We have Therapeutic and Sports Massage, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Belrelax (only you'll find it here!), MLD (Vöder technique), and Reiki. Previous diagnostic tests provided by the patient if necessary, such as X-ray analysis, etc. As well as a detailed medical history about life and the relevant test to be conducted in each case.

Special Offer: home treatment for Enterprise!

Also owe ffer a wide range of courses in manual therapy, either for therapeutic purposes and / or aesthetic.

  • Extended hours
  • Free Diagnose
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Conducted intensively on weekends or days a week:

Chiromassage: for massage therapists who wish to complete their training, totally practical. Be a good therapeutic masseur!

Self massage: for people related or not to the world of manual therapy. You learn to massage yourself and everything related to your general well-being (relaxation, bioenergetics, self, etc.).. You will also learn to teach the others. Eminently practical.

Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology): various levels; or basic level, they learn to interpret X-rays with and without basic diseases. Or advanced level, specific manipulators (chiropractors and osteopaths): only given by us! It prevents injuries with unnecessary handling. From the basic course in radiological diagnosis can also learn to interpret whether it is possible and beneficial to your treatment, on a more advanced reading (conventional radiography, scanner, MRI, bone densitometry).

Reflexology - given two levels: beginners and advanced.

Belrelax: weekend courses, which specified all the techniques covered by this therapy.


Sports or therapeutic massage:

Sports massage is the encompassing different techniques and massage to restore the lesions of both the professional athlete, as the amateur or anyone who will start in a sport or physical activity which is not used. Actually, anyone can benefit from it since, although some suffer more injuries especially athletes, no one is exempt from suffering to any point in their lives, regardless of their age and physical activity, work, etc. For example, any tendinitis that an athlete can suffer can also occur normally in a housewife who runs repetitive movements with a particular muscle or muscle group. A clear example is the epicondylitis, also called "tennis elbow", which are often the people who work daily with the use of computers.

Speaking specifically of the athlete, it will be important to know what he or she wants to achieve with the massage that to improve their performance, treating their injuries, relax and defuse the athlete psychologically and recover after the race.

On numerous occasions, the massage is preventive to prevent injury or to keep in shape.

It is a massage that requires more effort than other massages, given the depth of tissue to be reached on many occasions, and in its own techniques of sports massage.

During the massage, post-competition or discharge will have greater emphasis on conducting operations that promote venous and lymphatic return.


  • Removing muscle tension.
  • Reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Reducing the time of injury.
  • Improving blood circulation and lymphatic system.
  • Help on the metabolism of tissues.
  • Recovering more quickly from fatigue and overload.

Massage therapy

As its name suggests, is the massage that aims to cure or improve a specific area of the body or global. It is done through specific techniques, deep massage, to the damaged tissue.
More commonly used in muscles and tendons, contractures, and to treat tendinitis.

Circulatory massage

Massage designed to restore and / or improve the venous return of the body, through exercise of an upward (as is used in the lower limbs), generally directed toward the heart. In this way helps in the reduction of circulatory problems, tired and swollen legs, fluid retention or local general body pain, and so on.

Relaxing massage

As the name suggests, it is a massage that makes a pleasant sedation in the person who receives it, with or without therapeutic indication; always nice to receive, and can also serve as a support for psychological therapy that the patient is receiving. It is done with rhythmic exercises, gentle and low-intensity in a propitiatory relaxation, i.e., temperature, scent, music and comfort suitable for this purpose.


It is a natural medicine and manual used to diagnose and treat dysfunction of the human body through manipulation, aiming at improving the musculo-skeletal structure, its action is focused on restoring mobility to the tissues that have lost.

Firstly, the osteopath seeks to know whether the system of muscles and joints are properly aligned and if successful, or whether on the contrary, whether by accident, a bad position, illness or psychological stress have changed. According to the osteopath, this alteration results in a skeletal-muscle dysfunction of the local nerve function and hence an alteration of the different vital organs.

When should you consult an osteopath?

  • To prevent and maintain a proper state of health (preventive medicine).
  • Fix the sequelae that may get in an accident or fall with injury.
  • Persistent and unexplained Symptom by allopathic medicine.
  • Restoring harmony and balance after lengthy treatment for illness.
  • For stress, emotional and physical exhaustion.
  • Chronic Back pain
  • Rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, lumbago, sciatica, sacroiliitis, coccigodinia.
  • Neuralgia, migraine.
  • Vertigo, dizziness.
  • back pain, neck pain, torticollis.
  • Herniated disc, disc protrusion.
  • Frozen Shoulder.
  • Musculo-skeletal pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • myofascial syndrome.
  • Sports Medicine.
  • Problems of dental occlusion and TMJ.
  • Scoliosis in children and adults.


Lymph is a fluid that renews purified cells of the body and is present in 15% of our body. Composed in a 96% water, lymph fluid is considered the most noble of the body, and cerebrospinal fluid. It circulates throughout the body at a slow pace (4 mm / s).

The lymphatic system is parallel to the vein, and it collects waste substances around the body. Indeed, they are large molecules which canot pass through the venous wall by transiting through the lymphatic network of different types of vessels. Initially, these vessels are fine as "angel hair"; becomes bigger and more important to arrive at the key locations of the immune defense mechanisms, which are nodes. There, the pathogens responsible for diseases are metabolized through a process called "phagocytosis."

Description of the technique:

Despite being a technical manual massage, it is not called like that, because it has its own appeal of "Drain", drain is to "facilitate". On the basis of the lymphatic system is an "open" system from the start in the lymphatic capillaries, until its completion in the supraclavicular fossae, the maneuvers will be proximal to distal. As the circulatory system is a closed system, massage maneuvers are conducted in the most distal to proximal.

D.L.M. is very gentle on the skin, but it stimulates and mimics the pumping action of the lymphatic system itself. The pace is very slow, methodical and patterns, hand adjusting the pace of filling and emptying of lymph in the body. It never produces pain and redness in the area, is very relaxing.

Measures to produce it:

  • Inhibition of cell pain.
  • Increased lymphatic flow surface and deep connection to the tracks.
  • Strong relaxing action by its action on the neurovegetative parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Decreased blood pressure (hypotensive not contraindicated in persons, but does control the time for action).
  • Promotes the automaticity of smooth muscle and intestinal peristalsis.
  • Serves on the circulation of venous return.
  • Increases diuresis (more frequent and abundant urine) because of the large mobilization of fluids.

It can be performed anywhere in the body and any age.


Aesthetics: Rosacea, telangiastasis and couperosis, acne, facial wrinkles and saggy in postsurgical treatments (cosmetic surgery and plastic): facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, mammoplasty, etc. Accelerating the removal of edemas and hematomas, facilitating better internal and external scarring. Very useful in cellulite or before and after the use of other techniques. Helps detoxify the dietary treatments.

Clinic: For all syndromes associated with the lower extremities such as fluid retention, tired legs, varicose veins, edema of stasis in pregnant women, or edemas of traumatic origin: hematomas, cervical syndrome, tension, joints luxations of post treatment, treatment of knee ligament injuries and meniscus, tear of muscle fibers, post fracture treatment, "Sudecka dystrophy.
or edema: Lymphoedema secondary arm and leg after orthopedic operations after maxillofacial surgery, treatment of scars, several surgeries (hysterectomy, cesarean sections, plastic surgery, post surgery, vascular, etc.).. or musculoskeletal disorders and connective tissue: polyarticular rheumatism, chronic progressive polyarthritis, spondylitis, arthropathies (psoriatic, allergy, diabetes, gout, etc), tendinitis, periarthritis, osteoporosis , lumbago, ciatalgias, torticollis, orders disorders (especially if run with fracture or relaxation), local edema or central nervous system and peripheral: headache disorders, hearing disorders, tinnitus, Meniere's syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis. neurological disorders: somatic pain, braquialgia Night disorders demyelinating (multiple sclerosis ...), stroke, general paralysis, Down syndrome. neurovegetative disorders: stress, insomnia, neurovegetative dystonia. or peripheral vascular disorders: lymphedema, lipedema, postural venous edema, intermittent claudication, venous varices (Fleboedemas), post-thrombotic syndrome, premenstrual edema, venous edema during pregnancy. disorders or chronic upper respiratory and hearing: sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis and chronic serous otitis, chronic colds and allergic type.
Lung disorders: bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis and emphysematous.In dermatology: acne and rosacea, perioral dermatitis, alopecia, chronic eczema and allergic type, by decubitus sores, vascular ulcers, keloids, digestive disorders: constipation, bloat (flatulence), dyspepsia.


The Reflexology or Foot Reflexology is based on, which is the science of the reflex points, from ancient oriental science, such as acupuncture, medicine of the Vedas, and so on. In all, there is a belief that energy runs through the human body, which is transmitted through channels called "meridians." Within these meridians, the twelve main channels are bilateral, covering the body from head to tip of toes and hands, the secondary channels are those that bind the entire system. Along each channel there are points of maximum energy which the Chinese called "Tsubo", and where they apply the acupuncture needles. To achieve this balance the energy flowing through these meridians correcting a defect or excess of it. Thus, the body can prevent illness and even self heal.

Already in the twentieth century, Dr. Eunice Ingman and other scientists synthesized the entire system of reflexology dividing the palm and back of hands and feet in areas that correspond perfectly with the human body and all its organs and systems.

Since these theories are maps with the reflex points and established the "reflexology feet." This Reflexology therapy is very helpful, both for physical illness to psychological, stress, anxiety, depression, and all diseases of nervous origin are highly benefit from this therapy system.

Also very useful for the origin of psychosomatic diseases that manifest with generalized body aches and / or digestive problems. All organ systems can be treated with reflexology, which is not aggressive or painful but rather, very relaxing and enjoyable.

Degenerative processes will benefit from helping this technique with conventional medicine or allopathy.

In summary, this is a special massage technique, is painless and very helpful to human health.


It begins with a traditional facial massage with soft creams are appropriate for each case will be played also points Shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) and lymphatic drainage if necessary. It was previously be used for cleaning milk removing all impurities.

It continues with a gentle massage of neck and upper back and ends with a gentle and relaxing massage of the head (scalp).

Then applies the appropriate mask for each skin, either fat, dry, mixed, sensitive, tending to redness and allergy, and so on.

During this time, there is a relaxing massage for feet reflexology, which is an essential part of treatment that will be completed by removing the mask applied to the skin, leaving it with a pleasant feeling of freshness and natural beauty, while a great relaxation, health and wellbeing throughout the body.

Treatment "Belrelax" lasts and hour and a quarter hours.

This treatment should not be done by anyone who is not specialized in Reflexology.

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1 Reviews about Alternative therapies Maryna
on 26/10/2015
I love massage, and I love that it is becoming more and more of an accepted therapy for genuinely producing healing. this is wonderful news, I am so excited that alternative therapies are being promoted. We have options outside of western medicine, which is great!

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