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Alternative Therapies for Depression

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Alternative Therapies for Depression

Depression is one of the most common ailments today. The person is isolated, loses concentration, and feels tired and unmotivated, feeling blue and wanting to mourn. In severe cases, has thoughts of suicide or attempts. In the last situation, there is always recourse to medication.

In Oriental medicine, depression is part of the "diseases of the spirit". The depressed person moves away from the emotional "core" thus losing touch with the capabilities and creative responses. The challenge is to reconnect with the self being.

In Artesanador, we have experience in treating depression. In principle, we always use a combination of acupuncture and pranic therapy. We can add psychological therapy and homeopathy.

We have obtained very good results with many of our patients by helping them overcome depression, in many cases avoiding the use of antidepressants or helping them out faster than medication.

A healing embrace.

Av Larco 724 - 6th floor
447-1454 / 445-3712

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2 Reviews about Alternative Therapies for Depression
on 13/12/2014
I believe 110% that all of depression could be "cured" if people were to take time to understand and learn what exactly the mind is and how it works. All depression is is people's minds taking over their lives, and then the individuals get lost in this world of...depression. Understanding the mind and spirituality is paramount in beating depression.
on 28/01/2013
I hope that these alternative therapies can reach to every place on Earth to help the people with problems to heal them without pills and other things that truly harm the body making it weak and lazy.

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