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Alternative medicine and natural remedies for hoarseness throat

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Alternative medicine and natural remedies for hoarseness throat

Sometimes the throat is parched and we feel that something bothers us or is stuck, and then we cough, i.e. try to clear our throat with some air in a particular way, resulting in a sound or a cough that may sound fake to hide the noise that causes this reaction.

However, most of the time the throat is not cleared, and this only cause it becomes irritated and more uncomfortable.

Causes of hoarseness:

  • Dry throat or lack of moisture in the pharynx
  • Pharyngitis
  • Cough and throat infections
  • Using the voice in a wrong way
  • Talk or yell a lot
  • Singing with bad technique
  • Soared throat for talking much
  • Smoking
  • Phlegm
  • Use of heating, which dries the throat
  • Spend much time in cold air
  • Excessive tension in the throat, that happens when we want to say things that cannot express, we keep complaints, grievances, etc. causing too much control in the throat and it dries up, irritating or spending. Coughing can be a form of "silent complaint" even used theater as a way to tell someone "here we are" or make us notice.

Remedies and home treatments

If you cough suddenly or very often, nothing better than starting these remedies to prevent this small problem from getting worse and continuing irritating your throat.

Quick-relief medicines:

A convenient choice is to drink sips of plain water throughout the day. This is a good habit to keep your throat well hydrated.

When you start to feel your sore throat, avoid throat clearing, before that, take a drink of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of pure honey. People who talk too much or give lectures should have this remedy always at hand.

Gargle with warm water with lemon and honey, this will help soothe your throat.

Infusion of eucalyptus: a very effective way to relieve and refresh your throat. For this, you should boil a cup of water and then add some eucalyptus leaves. Let boil for 5 minutes, turn off and set aside. Then add a squeeze of lemon (optional) or some honey. Strain and drink in small sips during the day.

Oregano syrup and propolis: super effective to prevent and cure hoarseness. Boil a glass of water and add a oregano. Strain and add some propolis (especially if you have a throat infection). Drink throughout the day, passing gently by the throat.

Start the day drinking a citrus juice such as lemon, tangerine, orange, etc.

Raise the intake of vitamin C; eat broccoli, sprouts, fresh salads, carrots, etc. All these things raise your defenses and prevent throat from drying out.

In case of sore throat or throat problems, excessive phlegm, etc., you need to follow a cleansing diet because your body has excess of toxins and this causes your throat to be more sensitive. In this case, increase consumption of vitamin C, orange juice is great for clean lungs and intestines. Take a raw garlic a day, including liquid chlorophyll (a tablespoon a day dissolved in a glass of water), and avoid refined sugar, flour, fried food and sausages.

Try to be natural and speak in a friendly way, don’t tense your throat saying bad and angry things. Go to a place where you can be by your own, then say what you really feel, do it with a soft and slow voice. Practice this and see how your throat softens and lubricates itself.

Avoid shouting or forcing the voice.

Have a good rest. High stress, poor sleep, insomnia, abuse of the intellect, and more dry and wear your throat.

You can use homeopathy to treat this problem if you have it often. Belladonna is one of the most widely used remedies for dry, irritated, inflamed and infected throat.

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2 Reviews about Alternative medicine and natural remedies for hoarseness throat
on 06/09/2014
Great article! I'm so glad I read it. Every time I fly (which is now a lot, now that we're living in Alaska), it always happens that someone on the plane is sick and coughing, and I always come down with hoarseness or a sore throat. I'l have to try some of these remedies, hopefully some of them will be useful. Thanks so much!
on 20/11/2012
I thought coughing was normal! But now that I know this, I?m going to try to fix my throat problem. I cough a lot, doctors told me it may be due allergic factors. Those remedies look very effective and I?m going to try them out as sooner as possible! Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it.

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