Aloe: the ally of the Beauty this summer Aloe Vera: die Verbündete der Schönheit Aloe Vera: el aliado de la belleza para este verano

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Aloe: the ally of the Beauty this summer

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Aloe: the ally of the Beauty this summer

Do you want a very effective way to beautify your skin? Do not you know what to get in your hair to look beautiful? Do you want a protector to prevent wrinkles and dry skin, which help to filter the sun's rays this summer and also helps heal your skin? Do you have your swollen abdomen by constipation, excess toxins and poor digestion?

We will show you one of the most effective herbal medicines to beautify and heal the most sensitive of the vanity that are the hair, skin and stomach: Aloe, known well as the plant or the immortality as the queen of natural medicine.

It is known that Aloe has many virtues, the old recognized their therapeutic values in cultures such as China, Indian, Sumerian, Egyptian and, where it was used for its regenerative power, being under the most recognized, now therefore Aloe is a major regenerative cellular that nature has given.

Today is one of the spoiled ingredients in cosmetics and natural medicine. There are over 300 different varieties of aloe, which is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller as the most famous of which is removed the ACIB gel.

Aloe is an important ingredient in many beauty products for skin care and hair, since it has special strengths such as:

In skin

Uncovers pores: penetrates the three layers of skin (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis) and expels bacteria and fatty deposits that clog the pores, allowing skin breathe and rejuvenate.

Regenerates: the action of natural nutrients, its minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, stimulates the reproduction of new cells. Even for men, the application of a lotion aloe vera-based after-shave to regenerate new cells and gives a feeling of softness and comfort.

Effective in combating acne: the flesh of freshly cut leaves of Aloe has therapeutic effects much more effective than any commercial extract. For this, using freshly cut leaf pulp and applying directly in the affected area, is good. Very good to wash the area to apply and maintain the blade attached to affected area for a while.

Heals and nourishes the skin: Aloe is widely used in lesions of the skin, since it has an emollient and soothing power. It is confirmed that the gel contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and folic acid. It also contains minerals, essential amino acids and polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of tissue and cell regeneration.

Anti-inflammatory and healing: Aloe has the healing, anti-inflammatory and has bactericidal properties.

Protector, anti wrinkle: if you apply the gel regularly, you will help prevent premature wrinkles. In addition, the gel is used in many sunscreens because it is an excellent UV sunscreen.

Astringent: it reduces the extent of open pores and helps to close them quickly. It can be used under makeup and helps greatly to prevent rashes, redness and granite after depilation.

For hair 

Helps treat dandruff and grease: Aloe juice can be used as shampoo, rinse, and even combing your hair, giving remarkable results. It's great to massage the scalp and help healing dryness, dandruff and fungi, as well as removing excess fat and other ailments of the scalp. The leaves of Aloe used in the rinse will give a very special glow.

Medicinal and aesthetic

In medicine, Aloe is an excellent way to cleanse the body, eliminating toxins and waste from cells, allowing a better absorption of nutrients and oxygen.

Laxative: it is a highly effective natural laxative, which does not irritate the stomach and helps to remove anything that could hinder the smooth functioning bowel.

In addition, it restructures and revitalizes the bone marrow, reactives immune system and stimulates the production of endorphins to relieve pain.

It has a great utility to help in case of burns, minor wounds and skin problems, and will be a good investment.

From Aloe to ACIB

ACIB or latex obtained by incision of the fresh leaves. It has a dark yellow and has purgative properties. Gel which is almost transparent, leaving the crushing of leaves, without removing the pulp. After several chemical processes, this gel is transformed into juice, Aloe, which has different virtues of the ACIB.

Well if you wanted something natural to beautify and heal your skin, your hair and your belly, Aloe is for you.

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1 Reviews about Aloe: the ally of the Beauty this summer
on 27/08/2015
I have read so many good articles on this site about how to use aloe therapeutically and medicinally, and I am so excited because I finally got an aloe plant!! It's nice and plump, and now I can use these beauty tips at home, thanks so much!

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