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Almond Milk

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Almond Milk

The almond milk is totally natural and balanced. It contains no additives or preservatives. It is used as a substitute for cow's milk and has properties similar or even superior to the soy milk. It contains no cholesterol, lactose or gluten.

Brief history of almond

Almonds, in bitter and sweet varieties, are already referring to ancient Greece. These varieties transmitted to the Greeks and Romans eventually spread throughout the civilization, including, of course, the Iberian Peninsula.

In 1753, Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist, classified the almond cultivated under the name Amygdalus communis (ha-Migdal, the Syriac "beautiful tree").

At the International Botanical Congress in 1964, suggested the scientific name Prunus dulcis official sweet almond crop. This name has continued since then and with Prunus amygdalus, Prunus communis, considered synonymous.

Since the introduction of the almond tree in our country for centuries, their cultivation was a small stairway, normally without grafting, pruning, fertilizers, or anything. Nevertheless, the result was sweet and good production, which stimulated the growth of plantations.

Graft facts processes at different stages of the life of the tree resulted in a large number of varieties. In the Mediterranean area, people have been classified over 380, mostly sweets. Highlights the hard, medium soft, double-seed, etc.., Among which by its excellence is “Marcona”.

The almond milk is obtained by grinding almonds, peeled and then dried and mixed with water. It can be taken alone or with some sweetener. The properties that we will highlight here as well as nutritional information covers taking it without any sweetener.

It has a nice flavor, made with hot or cold water.


At cardiovascular level, it has benefits when we have too much cholesterol or triglycerides.

For people intolerant to cow's milk or lactose, for celiacs who often find weakness when drinking milk, and generally for those seeking a substitute for milk.

In hospitals, it is very useful after operation, the person needs food to feed but they are easily digestible. The almond nuts are rich in potassium, an ion essential for the body for its role in the brain, muscle, etc. Ideal and rich in fiber and remineralizing.

Being very low in sodium and rich in potassium is well suited for cases where there is a loss of potassium: diarrhea, vomiting, treatments of potassium. And for cases where the sodium is a problem: high blood pressure or diseases where there is an increase of extracellular fluid (edema) and heart disease, renal and liver cirrhosis.

In many cases of food allergies, if we replace cow's milk for any plant, such as almonds, people noticed a great improvement.

At digestive level it is a great help in cases of gastro-intestinal dyspepsia, gastritis and as a regulator of intestinal peristalsis.

For good calcium / phosphorus is an ideal food for various population groups, on the one hand, during the stages of growth and adolescence, where both nutrients play a vital role in bone formation and remodeling and on the other hand, pregnant women or during lactation, which could cover part of mineral requirements, and the elderly, where a diet rich in calcium is an important measure of prevention against the development of osteoporosis.

It has a high percentage of soluble and insoluble fiber which protects the intestinal wall, especially at the level of the colon and regulates the rate of absorption of sugars and cholesterol. In the presence of fiber, the rate of absorption of glucose may decrease by up to 50%, this fact is the basis for clinical use in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes type I and type II (non-insulin-dependent).

Nutrition information (per 100gr. of Almond milk powder)

Proteins: The amount of protein (11-13 gr.) Makes it ideal to supplement and complement proteins sometimes animal origin.

Although almond proteins do not reach the quality of the proteins considered nobles (milk and eggs) have a very balanced in essential amino acids.

Very suitable for both children and elderly, populations that consume relatively frequent high-calorie foods, but they provide small proportions of amino acids.

Fat: (9,5-11,5 gr.) Almonds are rich in linoleic acid that is a precursor of arachidonic acid and thus of the different series of eicosanoids, which are so important in the balance in tissues and organs. Deficit produces growth retardation, skin diseases and nervous disorders.

Also it provides much oleic acid, which is most suitable to produce an adequate maintenance of balance between HDL and LDL.

According to research conducted by American nutritionist Gary Fraser, a population of about 34,000 people subjected to a vegetarian diet low in fat, concluded that people who ate more nuts, less suffering from heart disease.

Dietary Fiber: (4.8 gr.) insoluble fiber 85.7% and 14.3% soluble fiber

Minerals: Calcium 200 mg Phosphorus 220 mg, 200 mg Potassium, Magnesium 60 mg, Iron 5 mg, Sodium 38 mg

Vitamins: Vit. A 210 U.I., Vit.E 15.1 mg, Vit. B1 57 mg, Vit. B2

Energy: 1680 kJ (397.5 kcal).

Energy / glass: 84.5 Kcal.

Did you know ...?

Dr. Gene Spillerdel & Health Research Studies Center, Los Altos, California, showed that consumption of almonds reduces blood cholesterol double olive oil.

Nuts are combined with spinach, chickpeas and lentils, most of the foods that contain iron and magnesium in the Plant Kingdom.

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3 Reviews about Almond Milk
on 19/12/2014
I know almond milk is supposed to be really "good" for the body, but I've tried it and I just don't like it very much. I very much prefer either soy milk or just cow's milk, and I don't really believe that cow's milk is terrible for the body or robs it of calcium during the digestion process. I think the growth hormones are not great, but just buy organic.
on 23/03/2014
The almond is my favorite nut but I haven?t tried the milk which sounds pretty nice and delicious, I want to find that powder that you say, that could be very handy to prepare yourself at home I imagine, please or well the recipe, how to make it?
on 31/05/2014
I am allergic to cows milk and thought my ont alternitave was soya milk. I was delighted when I found almond milk in my shop. It's absolutely gorgeous! I like to alternate between soya milk, almond milk, and hazelnut milk. They are all absolutely gorgeous. You can find them at any tesco or asda by the cows milk but look for alpro soya and you'll find it there. Yum.

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