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Allergies to WiFi Internet, Do they exist?

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Allergies to WiFi Internet, Do they exist?

This "allergy" is more commonly known as electromagnetic sensitivity and every day more people are showing related symptoms, but what is it?

In theory, people that are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields from cell or sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and routers may experience a number of symptoms that are attributed to changes in cell activity.

It is suggested that all of us are exposed to a number of these types of radiation every day, however when the limit of exposure is exceeded, the body cannot cope and it becomes ill. Some of the possible illnesses that can be caused by over-exposure to electromagnetic fields are: cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Some of the symptoms that have been associated with electromagnetic sensitivity include insomnia, dizziness, headaches, an irregular heartbeat and poor concentration.

However, the medical diagnosis of electromagnetic sensitivity has not yet been officially validated since people are still researching the effects that a certain amount of exposure to these electromagnetic fields could have on our health.

Scientific Evidence

In a recent study, the development and growth when exposed to this kind of radiation was evaluated in 400 cress seeds, selected for their rapid growth. The seeds were taken and divided, one sample was placed in a room next to two routers with Wi- fi, while the second sample was kept in a single room with no routers . Both samples received similar care, but the results yielded that those seeds that were exposed to radiation did not develop which has motivated further research and has led to new questions on the subject.


Although nothing has been officially proven, it is recommended to be cautious in the amount of WiFi radiation you are exposed to. Try to find out where EMF radiation sources are in your home and remember that distance is considered the best ally in reducing effects of exposure to this type of radiation.

Keep your cell phone, wi-fi routers and other WiFi devices remotely.

When you talk on the phone, try to use a headset, and keep your head distanced from the phone.

Do not sleep with a wi -fi router in your room and try to choose another room where no-one sleeps.

It is recommended that you keep electrical appliances at least 30 inches away from the bed where you sleep.

Avoid the use of electric blankets and heating pads.

There are sensors in the market that show levels of EMF radiation, but remember that no exposure is the best preventive measure.

Other recommendations include detoxifying and removing heavy metals from the body, including fillings used in your teeth that are a source of mercury and metal jewellery, among others.

It is advisable to eat a balanced diet rich in plant-based foods as they are a great source of vitamins and minerals that help us detoxify our body naturally.

Balancing stress and emotions are two important factors for preventing being weakened by associated symptoms of radiation exposure.

Technology and today's world

When we ask, how much can we expose ourselves? The answer is unknown, since the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields are still being studied. However, people experiencing these symptoms have attributed their appearance to new technology. While we have been exposed to EMF radiation for quite a long time, changes such as moving from the television monitor to the TV and the introduction of various electronic devices, has caused the need to be closer to it to the screens, and for many more hours than before. It should be considered whether these changes are drastically affecting global health.

Certainly, the question hangs in the air, and while it is being resolved, it is recommended to use these devices in moderation.

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7 Reviews about Allergies to WiFi Internet, Do they exist?
on 16/02/2016
It is SO important to use electronic devices in moderation... I have started leaving my mobile phone downstairs when I go to bed and will often leave it at home if I go for a walk or excursion in nature so as to facilitate a few hours of NO EXPOSURE! It really is quite relaxing being able to completely disconnect and therefore reconnect with nature and your surroundings in the forrest/mountains/at the beach, etc. I hope they invent something soon that will prevent any further effects on public health.
on 13/01/2015
My fiance and I strongly agree that wi-fi is NOT good for health. I think the radiation and waves that it take to send information through the air, infiltrating our bodies, could potentially cause a lot of internal confusion within the body. We always unplug our wifi at night, and we actually sleep better without it on!
on 05/01/2014
I have felt those symptoms insomnia, dizziness, headache, irregular heartbeat and poor concentration, all of them, but they can be caused by other things, maybe other things, but maybe the last option that you consider, but well it can be possible right?
on 30/12/2013
Just like the other people day, I must see real evidence of meet someone with this problem to believe it is true, maybe it is something just from the mind of the people that believe they have it, because sounds pretty impossible to me, but well, I won't say anything until you have more evidence
on 27/12/2013
I must see it or feel it by myself before believing that this is true, well, we now all live with wifi in almost all houses and maybe we never consider this as possible, that is why it is so difficult to believe, but well, if you maybe present more evidence, I could change my mind
on 09/12/2013
Does it really exist? I thinkthat this is just something in the mind of the people and now there are so many diseases that you cannot even know which one is real or not, so I am not sure that I believe in this but sounds like something interesting to investigate and find studies to prove that
on 03/12/2013
This thought have never crossed my mind, even though I have heard some stuff talking about this, I did not considered it something to rely but now I have made up my mind for real, I mean this could be very serious and can damage our health!, I will not forget this!

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