Allergy to cats, pollen, dust, etc.: Eradicate it from your life Allergie gegen Katzen, Pollen, Staub, etc.: Wie kann man sie entfernen Alergia a los gatos, polen, polvo, etc.: como erradicarla de tu vida

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Allergy to cats, pollen, dust, etc.: Eradicate it from your life

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Allergy to cats, pollen, dust, etc.: Eradicate it from your life

Allergies are exaggerated reactions that our body has due to experiences with animals, environmental conditions, etc., which are actually harmless to us. Allergies can take many forms and have many different symptoms, from sneezing, rashes, runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes, etc., to more severe symptoms such as chest pain, breathing problems, shortness of breath, vomiting, etc.

Why allergies occur?

When the body senses that something can be aggressive or you need to defend, generates histamine, a chemical that is released in order to fight or destroy hazardous or external stressors such as viruses, bacteria, etc. When the body senses that there is something that endangers it, produces too many antibodies to destroy invaders, in the case of allergies, the body mistakes harmless factors as aggressive, and fights but they do not really danger the body.

Why the body defends against harmless things?

This defensive reaction is mainly because the body is getting a warning message to the body from somewhere. Where does this alert message come? From our attitudes and mindset. Most allergies are related to things we have experienced and we didn’t like or irritated us, and we feel we cannot defend against such situations or people.

For example, if we cannot stand for something we do not like or we cause pain or irritation, like a boss who constantly berates us as children, or young people with an environment where they are mistreated or are suffering from bullying, etc., as people who make us angry, but with which we have to live every day, etc., then the body will start to try to "defend". The body does not distinguish that something is threatening it, it just gets the information that "I have to defend myself," thereby increasing the production of antibodies and histamine.

Why allergy has to do with a particular object, event, food, or animal, such as cats, pollen, dust, etc.?

It turns out that many times, when we feel angry about something and we cannot defend ourselves, there is something about us or our environment that our senses  associate with an external factor that is leading the defense mechanism, although it is not necessarily so.

For example, a girl receives a good gift a day and is excited about it, and near there is a cat. Suddenly, the father takes the gift away for punishment. She feels great frustration and rejection of this experience and feels she "can’t defend herself" against the father. The cat is nearby and the smell acknowledges that this may be a sign or factor of "danger". Therefore, if the child has no solution to her feeling of irritation and does not find a way to defend or understand the situation, when the girl is near a cat, this odor may begin to remind her body that needs defending, because when the cat is close she could experience something that frustrates or put "at risk" and therefore to be resisted. The danger is, in this case, that the child may lose their happiness or peace with a scolding or punishment.

The same applies, for example, with a child who is being bullied. The child can associate a tree, dust or pollen with an aggressive situation where he cannot defend either violent authority or young offenders. The pollen can be in school, or being the period in which the child is bullied. Then, the body recognizes this as external factor that triggers a defense mechanism, and the child defends against the "dust" or "pollen", although they are not directly related to the person or experience.

On the other hand, food allergies, for example, may be associated with certain moments where we consumed products while not having pleasant experiences or aggressive situations in our lives in which "we could not defend ourselves”.

How to eradicate allergies?

Taking medications only cover the finger with the sun. Certainly, the time helps reduce symptoms but doesn’t bring the real cure. To really cure allergies, you have to do an analysis of when and where the allergy started and how long it's there. We should examine the factor that could lead to really understand then we must learn to set boundaries, to love more and not to expect much from others, that no one can really hurt if we learn to be more aware of us and work with our weaknesses. It would also be good to read books that help us understand feelings of injustice that we can have saved, allergies have to do much with this, we feel unfair to certain things and we need to do something "urgent" but do not know how, so that the body feels the danger and has to increase its defenses.

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2 Reviews about Allergy to cats, pollen, dust, etc.: Eradicate it from your life
on 15/08/2014
My mom has always lived with cats, and then suddenly, out of the middle of nowhere, she developed this really strange allergy to pet dander, and apparently all these other things. She went to see an allergy specialist and they had her tested for all sorts of allergies, turns out there were hundreds of pollens, dandruff, and other things she was allergic to. She still lives with her cat, but she has to take shots for her allergies every week. I wonder if any of this would be helpful for her...
on 12/03/2013
My little girl has an allergy to some animals? hair and I really don?t know, but maybe this article can explain this, maybe my child had a bad experience related to animals and then she feels unsafe when dealing with them, I think I should take with her and then find a solution, because maybe she?s too small to understand this kind of things

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