Alcoholism: its implications in health, beauty and more... Alkoholismus: Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit, Schönheit und mehr ... Alcoholismo: sus efectos en la salud, belleza y algo más…

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Alcoholism: its implications in health, beauty and more...

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Alcoholism: its implications in health, beauty and more...

Drinking alcohol in moderation helps to relax, it is a good aperitif or with no repercussions on health and beauty, even the red wine is beneficial to health, can help protect the body against diseases such as those related to the cardiovascular system, the osteoporosis, etc. Generally, people drink to relax and forget the daily stress, sometimes to escape problems, to unburden themselves emotionally or feel "in tune" with the group.

However, excessive drinking can cause many different diseases, illnesses and negative aspects to our health, mood and beauty. When alcohol becomes a dependency, then is called alcoholism, defined as "a pathological condition, mainly in the gastrointestinal and central nervous system caused by alcohol." An alcoholic is someone who depends on alcohol to feel good and vented, body and mind need the alcohol, resulting in more problems than that feeling of pleasure, freedom and welfare, then gradually the person becomes very insensitive with life, family, work, etc.., bringing not only a long list of health problems but in personality and character, the person becomes weak and irritable.

What harmful effects cause alcohol on the body and emotions?

Alcohol is high in calories and is a potent aperitif, so it will give you hunger and you might want to eat more. Thus, drinking alcohol in excess can lead to overweight. Many people believe that alcohol (especially whiskey or brandy) helps burn fat and lose weight. However, these drinks rather accumulate more fat.

Alcohol dehydrates the cells, causing the skin to lose moisture and look weak, old and dull, leading to wrinkles and stains. It has very negative effects on people suffering from acne or some kind of dermatitis, as it dries the skin and makes it more prone to all kinds of conditions.

Alcohol severely affects the liver, kidneys and also fosters the development of cancer.

Consuming alcohol daily causes decreased levels of vitamin D in the body, which impairs the absorption of calcium which could lead to many different health problems.

The excessive intake of alcohol can contribute to the emergence and development of cellulite, as retained by ingesting fluids and causes swelling.

In addition, it weakens the hair, makes it look dull and lifeless, and causing its fall.

Drinking alcohol causes a feeling of comfort at first, however, taking it often causes the brain starts to become dependent on alcohol and this is where this starts to interfere negatively in the areas of life as work, relationships, etc.., as the person begins to become dependent and also ceases to have a clear contact with the emotional world, which makes him/her feel more confused, violent, aggressive, vulnerable, ashamed, guilty, depressive, and so on.

This dependence is the cause of many illnesses, physiological, and emotional and mental. Directly affects the nervous system, which, among other things already mentioned, such as mood swings and depression, causes sexual impotence and can lead to serious mental disorders such as psychosis, insanity, hallucination or madness. And this is not something that only affects the alcoholic, but begins to affect his/her whole world around.

Alcohol, on the other hand, hinders the action of vitamins and nutrients in the body, which prevents the absorption of them and especially of vitamin B. These nutritional deficiencies can cause permanent brain damage as confusion, memory loss, and ultimately death.

Why someone becomes dependent on alcohol?

In general, alcoholics are insecure people with low self-esteem and / or poor emotional culture. An alcoholic usually does not know what to do with pain, fear, despair and distress that certain situations cause in your life, alcohol is their comfort, their place of refuge. Many alcoholics have a negative or of little value in themselves, this little review will lead to a strong feeling of rejection or dislike for themselves, the alcohol is their choice to delete or escape this distressing feeling.

People prone to dependencies are those with high need for approval and acceptance. Many of them rely on praise and recognition from those around them to feel good and safe, are dependent on their partners and tend to the anguish and anxiety. There should be high need for emotional maturity to relate to them from either friends, family or the couple, and prevent them from further develop objective analysis of their losses.

How to help an alcoholic?

Living with an alcoholic is a situation that can be very difficult. However, there are many ways you can help an alcoholic or that he/she can help him/herself. Many of these people work very well when they feel they serve and help another human being is a way to help begin to recognize their worth. It is therefore very beneficial to encourage them to join support groups, where they serve the community and begin to feel important and valued, and discover their own personal values.

Aid is also very effective therapy, as most of them have previous experiences very painful and did not know how to treat or resolve, so it is very distressing to remove surface pain and frustration in a conscious way.

The alcoholic can be helped a lot taking care of the diet, avoiding foods that are harmful to the nervous system and foster only depressive and anxious states, sugar and bakery products are refined and irritate severely affecting the system, and should be avoided. We must include, if possible, juices rich in vitamin C and food to help strengthen the nervous system such as oil and blue fish.

A sporting activity can result excellent for many of them, especially when the activities take place in groups. Belonging to a team of basketball, volleyball, dance, etc., can be helpful especially in adolescents.

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4 Reviews about Alcoholism: its implications in health, beauty and more...
on 22/08/2014
Alcoholism is a big problem, and it affects a lot more people that we would htink. My mother in law drinks a bottle of wine a night, and while she never gets beligerant or wild, we are starting to worry about her. She's going to the gym regularly, and drinking lots of water throughout the day, but we just can't get her to stop drinking at night. She can't lose weight because of it, and we're afraid it's really affecting her health.
on 29/06/2014
THIS IS A PROBLEM, you cannot deny that, and people who have it should search for help not only because of their health and their skin but because of their minds
on 01/06/2014
everything with consciousness, I mean, follow the balance, you can drink alcohol but not in excess that's the point, of almost everything in life actually
on 01/05/2013
Well, it?s hard to remember because it is painful since my father had this awful addiction and he almost destroyed all my family, my mother wanted to leave us and my father acted like a crazy man, he wasn?t like that.. he never wanted to change and now it?s too late, he?s gone and let me tell you that alcohol took his life, so people should be more conscious about this matter

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