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Organic Agro-livestock in La Palma

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Organic Agro-livestock in La Palma

International Foundation Center for Agriculture (ICBA) has approved a budget totaling just over 42,100 euros, and where the promotion, research and training in agriculture and organic livestock purchase prominence.

President of the Foundation and the Cabildo de La Palma, Jose Perestelo Luis, noted that will invest more than 40 percent of the budget in these areas, with provision for participation in CIAB conferences, courses, training grants, exhibitions, workshops, job management products, Palmeros presence at fairs and agricultural advice to farmers associations.

The president indicated that agricultural excellence of La Palma has favored taking up the challenge of an area for study, research, cooperation and promotion of everything related to organic agriculture.

From the Canarian Foundation

International Center for Agriculture, which was formed in April 2001, may be the biggest beneficiary institutions, associations and individuals in activities that would support research and strategic develop, and its specific field of activity in agriculture, livestock and fisheries, as well as technology development and of industrial and artisanal products.

Also a political and territorial agro-rural sustainable development is sought and integral to the promotion of organic products in Palmeros, working closely with the rest of the islands, outermost regions (ORs) and island territories of the European Union.

Perestelo noted that throughout 2006 will continue the work of the previous year in which the CIAB and agreements designed to promote systems of consumption and marketing of products with "organic label" and has promoted and supported all the activities, initiatives and programs related to agriculture, livestock and fisheries, in all forms and presentations.

Palmero president added that there is sufficient production demand on the island, which makes it necessary to continue the training to continue the incorporation of technical advice to farmers and the ecological system.

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