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Afraid to get old? Try the elixir of youth

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Afraid to get old? Try the elixir of youth

Want to look young for a long time? Then stop fear what you do not want to happen. They say that fear is a faith opposite, i.e., that the mind does not distinguish whether one is afraid or have faith, or think that we serve often as we attract and make it reality. So if you want to be a young, attractive and with all your creative abilities and bodily life, and you fear old age, better read this article to see how the attitude and mood powerfully influence our appearance, health and youth.

To many people the word "age" is not very tolerable to them, people refuse to reach a mature age for many issues, perhaps because oldness is associated with weakness, illness, dependency, lack of skills, lack of energy, etc. However, these associations, if observed, are based on statistics. We have seen how people get old and often we are programmed for this even though we do not want it, which means that we are resigned to having to go through this period of life thinking the worst.

Everything in nature has a maturation process, but maturity shouldn’t be something that limits us or make us feel useless. Maturity should be the time where we can "grow up" the most in every way. And we can get to this age with all our mental and physical abilities, as well energy, and a youthful and healthy body that everyone envies. We don’t have to live an adulthood as our relatives or acquaintances do. Statistics can’t confirm that we have to reach maturity with decay or disease. Many times, we think is "normal" to have aches and pains, but it only talks about the way how you lived your own life.

The elixir of youth

Yes, there is. Some people would say the perfect mix should be a life with exercise, a diet rich in natural foods and antioxidants, along with a positive mind. However, sometimes, even though we try to stay in a good mood, it doesn’t always result, and sometimes the situation could get worst. Being positive is not enough. Why? Because trying to be positive it’s just an attitude to stop being negative. So, we are not to accepting or avoiding what we are or what we are experiencing, and this, only will cause more pain and rejection with time. Then, gradually things we dislike of life will accumulate.

If we could summarize in a few words what is the elixir of youth, we could say “enjoy life”. But this is not about an unbridled, superficial or unconscious joy, it’s that special joy when we feel that we are growing and we can face life and influence it in a powerful and great way.

It’s not just to be "positive", the elixir of youth lies in the joy of trying to understand life, so we could enjoy it with more strength and fullness. So we talk about getting to know ourselves, because doing this, we acquire confidence about our creative potential, and when we feel safe, loved and with inner strength, in our brain, substances such as dopamine, oxytocin, tryptophan, etc. are secreted. This combination creates the great elixir of youth. In short, learn to live happy, freely and with a really strong heart, that’s how we send a message of life, joy and energy to our cells. When you know yourself, you have no fear anymore, because you know that you are the one who creates life and who influences your own genetics. When you know yourself more, you can love what you are, because then life is no longer something to flee or reject, and if you're trying to escape or constantly reject what you live, the message you send to your cells is about "not wanting to be here" and then you get older, weaker, without energy, sick and dependent. To love what you are and to learn every day a little more about yourself, prevents aging and causes your body to be strong, healthy and young. You will notice you won’t get sick and everybody will tell you "You look so well!”. And you will know that how you look, it's the way how you feel.

So you can start from today to implement this elixir of youth in your life. One way to start doing this is repeat very often that you accept yourself as you are, with your weaknesses and abilities, you were born to make nobody happy but yourself, you are free to choose the life you want and that every moment is perfect to choose a new option in your path, that means, it’s not bad to "pull back" when you don’t want something in your life, even though you promised it. What makes you older? Feeling like a victim, guilty and deny what you are. Criticizing and disliking yourself cause deficiency in your cells, and suddenly they will die. When you let yourself be and love who you are under all circumstances, and stop criticizing or rejecting you, then you have won not only youth and beauty, but every day you will become much stronger, powerful and wise, and when you win this beauty, you will have conquered greatest beauty.

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2 Reviews about Afraid to get old? Try the elixir of youth
on 28/01/2015
If anyone out there is "afraid to get old", I would say this to them..."If you could only be so lucky". People die before their time everyday, and I can only hope that I live long enough to enjoy the wonders of having children, raising a family, and experiencing the beauty that life has to offer. To grow old is a blessing.
on 08/11/2012
I think sometimes it?s hard to maintain a stable emotional attitude. There are some many things that disturb us and then we get stressed and everything seems to go wrong. But after all, it may not be that bad. If you have a good attitude, for sure your body will become stronger and healthier. Everything in human body is related.

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