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Adequate nutrition during Pregnancy

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Adequate nutrition during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women need not only to increase the protein intake, but a proper care consumption of folic acid and other vitamins of the utmost importance, in addition to taking care of diet and balanced intake of important minerals such as iron, calcium and manganese.

The diet

Since a woman knows she is pregnant, it's time to be sure that her food is more nutritious and correct. It is important at this time make an effort to avoid products and scrap or refined products high in refined sugars, as these foods produce a feeling of satiety, i.e., give the feeling of satisfaction but are lacking of vitamins and minerals the baby and the mother's body need.

Many times we think that eating more means eating better as we give the body enough material to work well. Many women feel the need to eat snacks, and sometimes the consent in this period can lead to abuse of unhealthy foods. But in fact what your body requires is only the consumption of more than 300 calories to cover the energy you have now.

Saying 300 calories really is not a lot of food: for example, take an orange juice or fresh apple juice with rice or lentils and bread or perhaps a tortilla, and you cover that amount. Your diet at this time should not exceed 2m500 calories, these calories should try and buy fresh food and as natural as possible, such as juices or drinks fresh fruit, breads, soymilk, etc. Your diet should be as focused on nutritional needs to meet the mere appetite. If you are very hungry, prefer fresh fruit or salad with sprouts instead of using junk.

Essential vitamins and minerals

It is important not to neglect the minerals and vitamins in your body at the this stage. Below we list some of them and the beneficial role they bring to your body and the development of the new baby.

Calcium: This mineral is known to help build and maintain bones and teeth strong. When you are pregnant, calcium required increases as the baby is forming demand for this mineral. Foods that contain: milk, lemon, orange, almonds, etc.

Iron: This mineral is necessary for the effective production of red blood cells, essential to prevent anemia and to maintain vigorous and strong all systems. Foods that contain: All lean meats, especially liver, spinach, grains, seaweed, fresh vegetables.

Vitamin A: this vitamin is essential for cell regeneration, to the skin, for the development of sound and vision for the formation of the skeletal system. Foods that contain: all dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots.

Vitamin C: essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, for the formation and maintenance of gums, tooth and healthy and strong bones. This vitamin helps to absorb iron in the blood and helps fight infections of all kinds. It is in all the fresh citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, plum, pineapple, guava, tomatoes, bee pollen, etc.

Vitamin B6: vitamin useful for the healthy development of red blood cells, helps to effectively use fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Foods that contain: pork, the whole grains, bananas, soymilk enriched.

Fats in pregnancy

Fats are essential in this period. Fat is an element that helps to store energy and is vital for many functions of the body, besides being an element of protection of organs such as brain and heart. However, it is important to know what kind of fats or oils are appropriate. It should be preferred, especially unsaturated fats, which are derived from seeds like sunflower and corn. Olive oil, soy and linoleic are the healthiest and most of all recommended by their high benefits for the body. When buying oil, make sure it's prey in the cold and avoid hydrogenated oils.

During this period it is important to limit consumption of other fats such as meat, milk, dairy, etc., 30% or less than you used to eat. This will help you win the weight just necessary and your body (especially your spine) do not have to bear an excessive weight and can avoid the long, annoying hemorrhoids.

Folic acid is another element that cannot be omitted from this period in your diet. Many cereals are already fortified with this vitamin and the experts recommended especially during early pregnancy.

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3 Reviews about Adequate nutrition during Pregnancy
on 31/08/2015
This is a great article, and somethign very important that all women focus on if they are thinking of conceiving. I just recently got married, and even though we don't plan on having kids for another 5 years, I am already making healthier dietary choices, to start the biological changes that need to take place for a healthy pregnancy.
on 01/06/2014
on 06/10/2013
Almost all women get worried about their diet during the moment of pregnancy and of course when feeding your baby, and this article is short and explains very good all you need to know about the diet you should have and how to avoid gaining unnecessary extra pounds that you will regret

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