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ADAMA and Alternative Therapies

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ADAMA and Alternative Therapies

ADAMA, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people without resources and at risk of social exclusion. The commitment is to the elderly, HIV, homeless and victims of gender violence, through alternative therapies and motivation. Its purpose is to help people who otherwise could not access these therapies.

ADAMA founded in March 2008, is distinguished by the voluntary nature of all professionals who make it up. From the administrative and technical information, including all practitioners of various therapies they perform.

Some of the therapies of ADAMA that are available at the Center or entity that need attention are: Reiki, Laughter therapy, massage, Bach Flowers, music therapy, Pranayama, Aromatherapy, NLP and Coaching among others.

ADAMA has significant experience in developing projects with groups at risk of social exclusion, the elderly, HIV and gender violence. The therapeutic application of these projects has noticed an improvement in physical and emotional state of those who have undergone alternative therapies, encouraging self-motivation and confidence in themselves, and reducing length of stay in reception centers and shelters.

ADAMA has the commitment of all those who want to give their time and expertise, through its volunteer program. On their website you can check and become a volunteer.

The training of volunteers is one of our priorities. Within the body there is a team of volunteers that define, develop and manage the delivery of workshops and courses for their volunteers give from the entity seeking the best possible support to the volunteers. All this through the regular conduct of workshops.

We also look at all companies wishing to participate as partners and / or sponsors through our sponsorship program.

ADAMA, since its establishment, has realized several projects in: Institut Catala d'Assistència i Serveis Socials Generalitat de Catalunya, l'Association Anti-AIDS Ciutadana de Catalunya, Fundació Fiasse or Diocesan Caritas, Social Action Entitats del Pla Integral del Casco Antic.

Finally, Telefónica Foundation has distinguished ADAMA within their Solidarity Project 2009 to develop actions in the field of health aimed at the elderly.

If you are interested and want to get in touch with us write to us or visit

Joining is the best way to change things.

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2 Reviews about ADAMA and Alternative Therapies
on 17/04/2015
Great article! I"m not sure if I'd ever really be interested in trying this therapy (I too, am not from Spain), but it's always good to get hte word out there about alternative therapies, becuase really, our world is quite sick (mentally and physically) and we need new ways of seeing us and the world.
on 01/05/2013
Good! Even though I?m not from Spain, I?m going to look the webpage and see how can I help to them because I think this is a very good idea that could change the mind in the people and bring a new world more peaceful for every person and without social and environmental problems

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