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Active Meditation for Prosperity: the magic of words

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Active Meditation for Prosperity: the magic of words

Our word, from the perspective of metaphysics, is creative. But actually, what really creates while talking is not the mere utterance, but the connection that we do with the emotion that the word wants to express. Several words can come out of our mouths without the feeling of everything, or we can make the most insignificant word meaning bright copper, deep and even if indeed the magical feel and what we convey.

The human voice has a cadence, tone, timbre and silence. It's musical. When we talk, sing, and singing is a form of meditation. Meditate, among other things, means you stay focused evoking images you want to do. A meditation occurs not just being still and sitting with eyes closed and in a special place. A meditation can also be done during the day while doing our work, is not required or special music or perfect time, or be quiet or keep some composure. Paying attention to our words, for example, is a powerful way to meditate. When we aware of what we say, and understand the great power that our words have, then we can truly begin to transform our reality from a constant meditation can be done in the office, at school, at a party and even in the midst of a market.

The prosperity and the word

Prosperity means something, whether a situation or relationship status, making a favorable outcome, which addresses into something successful or great. Our word is a key player in this process. If we want something in our life to flourish, we need surely start educating our word, making it a strong track that directs our lives. If you look throughout the day pronounce many unnecessary things that do not lead you anywhere, you use the word to fill voids, to "say something", and you say things you do not feel. After then, it fills our lives: of holes, things that we feel, of unnecessary things. Prosperity begins with an awareness and conscious direction of our words both spoken and thought.

Educating the word

If our voice is a powerful musical instrument, our will must be the musician who must be educated so that our word becomes a mystical power, and achieve profound communion with nature, trees and people, children and flowers animals and the elements, and all things and situations around us. But before reaching such a powerful goal and make our word convey true creative force, it must achieve before a communion with ourselves, this should be something that we do at any time of vigor and strength, must be connected with our largest ideal more intimate touch our fibers, we must become the creative force of each day.

Engaging with the creative power of the word means, for starters, you will gradually allowing your mouth or in your thoughts originate, only those who truly wish to manifest in reality. The reality is made of ideas, thoughts and imagination. Voice is the result of our deep inner sound.

Our word is the decree by which desire is launched. When we speak we're encouraging that happens that has come from our mouth. We can make it grow, or stop the process. This depends on what we focus on that so we have decreed. That's why the importance of staying alert and very aware of all that we say and think, if we are conscious of our sounds, then we grow things in our lives that we talk about a disorder and a lack of awareness.

How to consciously direct the word prosperity?

Controlling the word is something that is easier said than done. But we can start with something simple: to prune the branches of our words, those that are unnecessary or simply do not lead us to great things. This is a difficult task, especially when we are caught by emotions of anger or despair, for we have perhaps noticed as they slip through our mouth many unnecessary words and full of emotions that ultimately do not want to happen. It is here where we must begin, make an effort not to consent to allow any word that goes against our ideals, leave it in our mouths. This does not mean, however, that one has to put up the feelings and "swallow" the sound of the words, this will only cause the containment of a sound energy that eventually will come out, either with more force (anger is intensified) or some kind of disease.

For this to happen and we can raise our word to our highest aspirations, it is necessary to refine our understanding. We should begin to understand that what we say comes mainly from our particular point of view, especially the way how we see ourselves. If we feel rejected, ignored, great, happy, smart or if we feel that we are "bad" or "good", our word will reflect it.

It is vital to start connecting with what we feel about ourselves and begin to transform where energy is required, the prosperity of our life depends crucially on how we talk and perceive ourselves.

We must begin to connect with those images of ourselves that evoke great things and inspiring. The alchemists thought know the importance of connecting word with the emotions that you want to create. The force of the word depends on the intent, and the music of reality must start from a deep breath: the soul must feel what we say and think.

Having desires is an act of faith. However, what these will come to pass was to establish either consciously directed thought, and kept constantly focused on the emotion that you want to feel. Expect the great and the best, feel they already are here in your life, and only this will happen soon.

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2 Reviews about Active Meditation for Prosperity: the magic of words
on 13/08/2014
Excellent, excellent article! I'm so glad you wrote this, it is very inspiring and encouraging. I do a loving-kindness meditation every morning when I meditate, and it has created the most outstanding changes in myself, and in my relationship with my fiance. Just by formulating phrases, sentences, words, that focus on where you want to you, and by repeating them and focusing on the FEELING of them, you can truly, magically, change your entire life. What a blessing!
on 26/05/2013
Old article but yet very impressive and encouraging, it?s always good to learn something new, especially if makes us grow as people, people who think about their lives and the ways to make it better, and one of them is using our voice in a good and right way, it?s a strong tool so should be respected!

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