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Acne, dermatitis, pimples and stress

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Acne, dermatitis, pimples and stress

Don’t you know what to apply on your skin to heal it? Surely you need to consider some of the factors that produce problems in the skin: stress, anxiety and intolerance; moods that are the major cause and less considerate of a sensitive and irritable skin.

Even though diet quality is a basic part of the health of our cells, when we have emotions such as excessive stress, constant and prolonged anxiety or frequent irritation to people or experiences, the cells cannot be nurtured right, even though we eat healthy things. We have seen many times that, although we consume a variety of antioxidant foods and our diet is varied and rich in quality products, the skin cannot heal at all. Why?

What happens to our skin when we get stressed or feel anxious?

The skin is a very sensitive organ that feels, people say that it’s the surface of the soul; it really shows the way we feel or perceive life. When we are stressed, our skin pores get tight and locked which prevents, for example, that the fat under the skin come to the surface and it accumulates underneath, promoting acne, dermatitis and pimples. Also, when we are stressed, the nutrients in our intestines tend to have more work to assimilate and nutrient mobilization becomes slow and poor.

Toxins, infections and stress

The slow propitious movement of toxins also generates an increase in body temperature and raises the level of acidity of the blood, the more conducive environment for infections and diseases of all kinds, especially skin problems. Since toxins accumulate in the pores, and they serve to evacuate the waste inside the body or they can’t be removed by other ways.

Where there is an infection or skin problems, these 3 key factors exist: toxic shock, internal heat and stress. The stress generated by anxiety, irritation or other emotions of frustration, when it’s frequent and prolonged, also generates an excess of bile and/or adrenaline in the body; which accumulated, becomes toxic decreasing the body's defenses.

Creams, ointments and other remedies can help nourish our skin and help stabilize the pH or acidity level to prevent diseases and fat accumulation, but emotional factors are more important, and you should take care of them to stop a skin problem.

So here are some tips for you to avoid stress or irritation so you could show a healthier skin as soon as possible:

  • Watch yourself often and note if you're stressed by tightening the hands, feet, neck, etc. For this, just ask your hands to relax or even tell your face or skin to relax. If you are really stressed, you will feel the difference.
  • If you cannot help worrying yourself very often, drink tea or an infusion of passion flower, anise, chamomile, etc.
  • Skin problems depend on liver function, and liver is related to anger and intolerance. So we suggest you take “cola de caballo” tea and read about how to understand the anger. Often, we get angry because we have high expectations of others, among other things. If you understand your anger and you become more tolerant, certainly your skin will thank you.
  • Give yourself a facial massage every night, giving taps on your face. For this, wash it well with mineral water and apply aloe cream or honey with propolis. Then use the tip of your three middle fingers and tap around your cheeks, your eyes and lips, on your forehead, etc. This massage will relax your skin and also promote good blood circulation; it will oxygenate and nourish your skin, and the tension all over your face will be lower.
  • Avoid taking refined or junk foods, as they don’t nourish nervous system, just affect it, which leads you to a tense, worried and irritable attitude, and you may have sleep problems as well.
  • Insomnia makes your skin to have a poor regeneration, so it will be exhausted. Lack of sleep also causes an irritable, tense or anxious mood during day.
  • Lack of vitamins combined with everyday worries can trigger a chronic skin problem. It is essential to take enough vitamin C, E, B and A, since a good balance of nutrients helps to have a good rest.
  • Practicing yoga or tai chi are great remedies to harmonize our emotions and relief stress and irritation.

Pay attention to what your skin says: the skin has its own language; it expresses in its appearance things like "I don’t like you touching me" "I want you to touch me" "I'm irritated", "I’m scared", "I am satisfied", etc. If you learn to read it and you correct the problem that irritates or worries you, you will see how your skin starts to look the way you really feel.

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2 Reviews about Acne, dermatitis, pimples and stress
on 28/01/2015
Yes, oh my gosh! These things are all related to stress!! I actually am coming out of a stressful situation myself (thank goodness things are going back to "normal"!), and I just broke out with this huge, sore pimple on my forehead! I couldn't believe it that it really was caused by stress alone!
on 07/11/2012
I?ve notice that my skin gets problems when I get stressed! Just like the article explained. Sometimes I have so many things inside my head, that I forget to give the proper care to my skin, and I give it only stress! I?m just making everything worst, right? I?ll follow these advices, I hope they work :)

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