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Awards in Bioculture Fair

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Awards in Bioculture Fair

Many rewards have left the 16 ° edition of the great fair of organic products and responsible consumption, Bioculture. From the Trade Fair was the event that unites the social sectors involved in responding to the problems that afflict humanity. And in order to be a force to encourage and everything related to organic production has been recognized all those who contribute their bit for this purpose. Thus Bioculture awarded to people who have worked more in favor of the organic sector.

The ceremony for the Awards in Bioculture 2009 has been made in the room Gaudí's Palau Sant Jordi. Vida Sana Association, organizer of the show, sent an encouraging message and deepened its commitment to continue working for organic production. For their part, the winners demonstrated their enthusiasm and thanked the organization showed its appreciation to the Spanish organic sector.

List of prizes

Bioculture Press Award 2009: Javier Rico - El País
Bioculture Television Awards 2009: Green Beetle Program - TVE
Bioculture Radio Program Award 2009: variously Tàpies, Catalunya Radio
Bioculture Internet Award 2009: Blog YOCAMBIO, Manolo and Carlos Vilches Fresneda

Best Bio Store 2009

The award for Best Store Bio of the Year is awarded each year, among all who are eligible for the same, which has stood out for its novelty or modernity, this year the decision of the jury went to the store Biospace, the BioSupermercado in the center of Barcelona, a leader in fresh produce.

Best Bio Product of the Year 

The decision of the Award for Best Bio Product was ultimately for the goat cheese from local producer of Cartagena-Murcia, Caprilac-Mold.

In addition to the awards, we must acknowledge the success of the technical seminars on organic school garden, taught on Saturday 9. During the morning more than 200 school teachers participated in the event of Catalunya. This behavior demonstrated the undeniable growth of interest in food and agriculture biodiversity, always respectful of human health and the environment.

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2 Reviews about Awards in Bioculture Fair
on 16/10/2014
What exactly does this bioculture fair hand out awards for anyway? I know you listed quite a few names but I'm not quite sure what they're for. Here in the states we have similar systems of awards. Do you have any more updated information about current fairs going on? I'm planning a trip to Spain soon and I'd like to ee first hand what this is all about.
on 07/07/2013
This is old but as always I?m dedicated to look for more information about the different groups that prepare events that promote the social change and the development of the culture taking into account the environment and the humanity as a whole entity , so it?s good to have this information near

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