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Abs and cardio: the best combination

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Abs and cardio: the best combination

Everyone knows that abdominal exercises are ideal for maintaining a flat belly. The important thing is to remember that your torso needs special care, a comprehensive program that includes good nutrition and exercise. Thus, if what you're looking for a healthy body and a defined abs, you should start with a cardio routine, your heart rate go up and eating low calorie diet, and good abdominal routine.

In the Gym…

Here is a 4-week plan model to combine cardio and abdominal exercises, do not leave aside the nutrition.

  • In the first 3 weeks you will: Work cardio. Toning exercises with 3 sets of 12 repetitions.
  • In the next 4 weeks: Continue with the plan for the weeks before and adds a day's work force. Choose an exercise in each area and what you changed over the weeks.
  • Raise the number of repetitions. You should be able to carry between 15 and 20.
  • In the next 4 weeks: Include power exercises. Follow the plan 3 days a week cardio work. Make toning 2 days + 1 + 1 power strength. In the exercise of power is increasing from 10 repetitions of the first week to 15/20 last week.

Located training:

A) Trunk stabilizers Exercises

  • These exercises help the proper placement of the column. Postural muscles work with them: lower back, abdominal and paraspinal which are continually involved in tension and also setting body position so that it will support other muscles.
  • Stand with arms outstretched, horizontal to the ground and standing next to the buttocks. Raise the other leg on diagonal and off simultaneously the head and cervical area of the floor. Then switch legs.
  • Leg and arm above the body. In the previous position, but with arms close to body, now raise the pelvis off the floor, this time keeping your head without looking up. Switch legs.
  • Superman: Lying face down with arms and legs extended, raise both legs and arms simultaneously.

B) Toning exercises

These exercises are the ones who will make your muscles stiffen, winning tone and thus more effectively holding the entire abdominal area.


  • Shrinkage side with legs outstretched leg raising.
  • Twisting advanced: it is for the leg with the arm on same side, but without separating the head from the ground.
  • Wipers: Look for a grip behind your head and, with legs bent 90 degrees, bring your knees from side to side of the body.


  • Winding back: Lying on the dorsal and cervical beam tilting the pelvis forward and back
  • Push sitting with knees bent: Shrink and move to support the buttocks legs and hands, with a very small range of motion.
  • Elevate your legs extended: Lying on your back, legs straight and 90 ° with the ground. Bring the legs towards the ceiling.


  • Pronated leg raise: From the prone position (lying face down), with your elbows on the floor, lift your legs alternately.
  • Elevation in x: simultaneously raise leg and arm on the opposite side.


  • Elevations with arms in front: a similar exercise to lift with your legs extended but in this case, instead of lifting the pelvis, what we do is separate the upper back with your feet for hands.
  • Crunches with legs up to 90 degrees: Put your feet up with support on a bench or chair to do crunches. (Remember you must be a short run).
  • Winding butterfly: Put your legs spread and bent. Take off the trunk of the soil from the cervical area to the beginning of the back.

C) Resistance exercise

These exercises also tone up the muscles, acting on the maximum force.


Lateral tilt with dumbbell in one hand: With one hand on the head and the other holding a dumbbell, raise your hand to tilt the trunk base laterally.


Elevation sloping table legs: Hang with your arms at the top of an inclined board, stand with your legs bent. Stretch your legs slightly, controlling at all times that there is no hole in the lower back. Back to the starting position.


Crunches on pulley

D) Power exercise

Using overloading to achieve power in all the abdominal muscles. Remember not to work the power until you have a suitable physical layer.


  • Medicine ball twist: With the trunk off the ground slightly, a medicine ball in hands and legs flexed, lateral torsion beam, carrying the weight from side to side of the body.
  • Twist ball to the wall: Stand with legs apart and the ball with outstretched arms before turning the waist until the ball touches the wall you have behind you.


Elevation of triceps: With your back flat on the bench, put knees close to chest. You can use a ball between the legs to work power.


  • Shrink medicine ball: Same as normal but shrink with a medicine ball on your chest.
  • Shrink ball over your head: Same as above but with the ball above the head to increase the force necessary to perform the exercise.


  • Good morning with ball: inclined beam waist, up and down with the ball resting on the neck.
  • Ball Toss: Get down to get the ball to the knees, roll it up and throws the ball over your head slightly forward.

Source: Sport and Health

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2 Reviews about Abs and cardio: the best combination
on 17/04/2015
Yes yes yes! I totally agree! I actually jsut sort of discovered this myself...I've been doing cardio for years (running and cycling), and they are great ways of staying in shape, I stay super lean, all except for my midsection!! Not that I have a large belly, but I have always just had a tiny bit of fat that won't budge...unless I do abs!
on 04/05/2013
Thanks a lot for all the exercises and recommendations to gain muscle and to improve the body mass doing exercise, thanks a lot I like a lot when I find this kind of stuff in this page, thanks and I let you know if I find more exercises to share with the people interested

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