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About the Oligotherapy

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About the Oligotherapy

The exhaustion, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and loneliness to the human suffering is due to a deficient food, which fails to meet the daily requirement of nutrients and chemicals that the body needs to perform the work, reactions and basic functions during the day.

What is Oligotherapy?

Oligotherapy is intended to supplement the diet with appropriate minerals, so that the body regains energy and vitality necessary for optimum performance. The therapy does not attempt to cover nutritional deficiency states, but its purpose is to regulate enzymatic processes. This therapy is not contraindicated with any other.

Trace elements

Trace elements are minerals present in living organisms in trace quantities but which are essential for the development of biological functions essential for normal life, and that act as catalysts in many metabolic reactions in the body. Thus, its absence or low dose difficult processes as essential as the development of enzymes, for example. Therefore, the absence or ineffectiveness of any trace element gives rise to an enzyme deficiency, which in turn causes a metabolic disorder that causes a functional disorder.

What causes the deficit of essential elements?

If we would eat in an appropriate way and with quality food, i.e., not processed, not too many fried or low nutritional content we may not have deficient trace elements in the body. However, the presence of artificial substances, for example, increasingly common in food, causes a biological deactivation of these.

Importance of enzymes in the health

Enzymes promote chemical actions that are the catalysts that control the chemical reactions of all that is life. A catalyst is a substance capable of accelerating or retarding a reaction without altering the final outcome of it. The body's physiological balance is regulated by a set of chemical reactions called metabolism, which depend on a number of substances called enzymes, responsible for performing complex specific reactions. Trace elements help this important function of enzymes.

The usefulness of the health Oligotherapy

The Oligotherapy is used to treat different health problems and mental disorders such as depression, insomnia, stress, exhaustion, and so on.

Mode of administration of trace elements

The best way to take in trace elements is a liquid (sold in drinkable ampoules of foma) and must not contain additives. Besides, due in low concentrations, and doses should be taken away from meals, either 15 minutes before ingesting food or 2 hours later. Must be delivered by sublingual route, i.e., keeping under the tongue 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing so that the mucous membranes that are in the nerve terminals under the tongue present an excellent permeability.

Emotions and trace elements

Trace elements are associated with many metabolic processes, although its significance go unnoticed, it is so important that our body cannot function without them. Recent studies have linked each element with a function or activity of the organism, as well as emotional states as shown below.

  • Nervousness, irritability: Lithium
  • Anxiety: Manganese-Cobalt and Lithium.
  • Anxiety Depression: Copper-gold-silver and lithium.
  • Insomnia: Manganese-Cobalt, Aluminum, Lithium.
  • Obesity: Zinc-nickel-cobalt, potassium, lithium.
  • Seasonal Allergies: Manganese, Sulfur.
  • Tonsillitis prevention: Manganese-Copper, Sulfur
  • Tonsillitis during the crisis: Copper-gold-silver, copper, bismuth.
  • Asthma: manganese, phosphorus, sulfur
  • Respiratory weakness: Copper-gold-silver-copper manganso

Diathesis and Oligotherapy

Diathesis refers to the combination of symptoms such as physical and intellectual, psychological characteristics and disease that are predisposed to a particular person. When a disease is considered not only the pathogen but also the personal circumstances of each individual. The Oligotherapy knows that it is not enough to remove the agent causing the symptoms but must also address the environment where the disease was introduced to prevent introduction of new possibilities.

In Oligotherapy there are 6 diathesis or "environments" possible to develop a disease or syndrome diathesis I hyperreactive; diathesis II hyporesponsive syndrome,  II diathesis; diathesis IV anergic syndrome; V diathesis syndrome and syndrome current mismatch. A diathesis is reversible when it is necessary to trace, before onset of alterations injuries.

Modes of reaction or diathesis

The reactions that the body has to react to different external conditions or it is present in every person. The way of life, illness due to the contextual circumstances of life. Some people describe these reactions as functional predispositions to certain ailments they suffer because of the way the body reacts. However, these reactions can be modified by Oligotherapy managing the elements necessary for a normal body reaction.

Here is the list of the diathesis:

  • Allergic and hyperreactive (trace element manganese)
  • Hypotonic or hyporesponsive (trace manganese-copper)
  • Neurovegetative dystonia (trace elements manganese, cobalt),
  • Anergic (trace elements copper-gold-silver)
  • Diathesis syndrome mismatch (trace elements zinc-copper).

Oligotherapy and immunology

The Oligotherapy therapy is increasingly used as it is from a rebalancing of the trace elements in the body, helping to revive the immunity against infectious problems.

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2 Reviews about About the Oligotherapy
on 29/05/2015
I think a lot of people sorely underestimate the impact that foods have on the physical and mental being. People at this age are so disconnected from themselves and from their full lives, they can't even see how the things they do are turning the lights off on their lives.
on 02/08/2013
Everything in the body is related and the food as our main source of energy affect the entire body even though you do not realize it, and then the problems begin when you find yourself trapped in the fat and the consequences of eating many harmful food to the body, hopefully there are therapies that can help us to alleviate this.

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