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About the Dowsing

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About the Dowsing

The word means radiation and sensory perception or ability to feel (Aisthesis of 'perception'). According to the dictionary, the power of dowsing means receiving electromagnetic radiation. The term of dowsing is a pseudo-scientific activity that is based on the belief that there are supernatural elements or energies emanating from the bodies of nature and which spread in the environment. This emission can be detected by means of a pendulum, a simple fork or other devices that are suspended by a clamped unstable practitioner.

This practice is a very old but new to many, an esoteric practice that many consider to be a useful alternative to find the cosmic origin of man, because through this, it is believed, you could find almost all the answers to our questions taking into account that all the bodies in the world emit radiation which it is possible to pick through some tools which facilitate the way to find what we seek.

What is this practice?

The practitioner of supranormal dowsing has the power to detect the existence of either disease or natural elements such as water (streams, lakes, rivers and underground wells), veins of minerals (gold, silver, copper, etc.) to any depth. This is an option that is called geopsicometry (from Greek geos, earth) which is the tracking of the inner psyche of the Earth.

How is this practice carried out?

In the case of geopsicometry through a plant or metal rod or a pendulum particular, the psychic can sense the stimulus needed to reach the place where the metal or water is. This technique is where the name given to these practitioners, rabdomance, which comes from the Greek rhabdos, rod, and manteia, divination.

In the case of health, pendulums or other special objects to detect potential problems are used.

A little history...

At first, the practitioners of this technique was named the dowser, and helped to capture the fumes of a rod-shaped tree, "Y", which they cut when still green, with the subject holding it from the short end of it, with the longer end to the front.

Once ready, the dowser walked with the rod in an attempt to capture the fumes of a certain element, so that when the branch is bent down, and told him that this was the place to locate. Generally, the use that was given to the rod dowser was mainly for the location of underground reservoirs of water, vital for survival then and now.

Under time passed, the practice gained popularity because it was used for the purpose of finding precious metals, objects and missing people, ruins, etc.. Even says that the oil tycoon, Rockefeller, located one of his wells through this practice. Currently, it is stronger even though had been constantly rejected and accused of trickery. As always, thanks to the curious and those who are allowed to explore and experiment beyond the common reasoning, today one can say that this practice is considered because of its amazing results.

Applications and Utilities of dowsing:

  • Diagnosis of disease
  • Finding water
  • Finding minerals
  • Inventory natural resources
  • Predicting current and future states of living matter
  • Finding lost objects
  • Finding people

Type of material used to produce pendulum

The type of material used to produce the pendulum includes a very wide range among which are: metal, ivory, acrylic, etc. The most popular being or the best are the rock crystal pieces of quartz, with silk thread fasteners.

How to use the pendulum to answer questions?

When you work with energy, is very important to note that much influenced by the emotional state of mind or, in this case, the dowsing, using the pendulum. It is necessary to insist that the practitioner must first obtain a state of relaxation and calm enough so that its receiver sensitivity and deepen the fittest to perceive fumes.

There are many ways and techniques for the practitioner enter a state of relaxation. It can be guided through meditation to quiet music or through breathing exercises to release unnecessary tension. The breathing techniques of yoga, tai chi or bioenergy are also very effective.

Following a statement that reaching agreement is called Mental, which means that one is tuned in the same frequency of the pendulum. For this, we must take the long wire, this is done by measuring the length from the start of the "wrist" of the hand to the top of the middle finger. Do not to lose the long obtained, should be marked with a knot in the place indicated.

Then you must hold the pendulum with the index finger and thumb in the spot marked with the knot and allowing the swing freely.

One must remain either standing or seated, with shoulders relaxed and putting  arm bent at 90 degrees (more or less at the height of the abdomen), without hitting the arm to the body and recharge anywhere, allowing the pendulum swing freely.

To achieve a precise answer, we must reach an agreement beforehand with the pendulum. For example, we know that the pendulum swing from right to left if the answer is no, or north to south if it is positive. Will turns to the right if your answer is perhaps the left or if it is unable to answer the question.

Then take the form of clear communication with the pendulum  asking questions, keeping the pendulum still fixed at the beginning of each question and hoping that this move in the direction of the response to be given.

Controversy about dowsing

Some scientists associate the results of this practice to express confidence that practitioners when carried out, explaining that what happens between the pendulum and the practitioner is made possible by the ideomotor effect.

The ideomotor effect is a psychological phenomenon in which a subject performs movements unconsciously, especially if attached to a paranormal or supernatural force in which he believes. Supposedly unexplained phenomena such as applied kinesiology, automatic writing, dowsing, the so-called "facilitated communication" and the "Game of the Cup can be attributed to this effect. (This last paragraph taken from Wikipedia)

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2 Reviews about About the Dowsing
on 18/05/2015
So I've heard of a "dowsing rod" before, but I never really knew what it meant. Is it related to this "science" and if so, how? Also, it sounds like you really have to enter a deep state of relaxation for this to work, what techniques are used?
on 07/07/2013
I have searched some things about this topic and I have found many people that tried it and it really worked, well you can?t be 100% sure but maybe it has to do a lot with the mind and the intension, maybe it is just a ideomotor effect, or may not, that has to do with each person convictions.

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