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Energy Luz: A space for the balance

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Energy Luz: A space for the balance

Energy luz is an area which provides the skills, experiences and learning related electromagnetic field equilibrium, based on EMF Balance Technique.

The EMF Balancing Technique is a balancing of the electromagnetic field of the human being, created and developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. This energy field is formed by a network of fibers of light and energy.

Just as the Earth has an electromagnetic field, people have also called: Universal Calibration Lattice. This system of the human energy anatomy is the door that connects us and binds to the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the Universe, also known as the cosmic grid.

The objective of this technique is to strengthen and rebalance the electromagnetic field to suit the individual changes that are occurring on Earth and have put so much energy as each one needs.

More information about the EMF

The EMF Balancing Tecnique ®, was created in the 80s by Peggy Dubro Phoneix an American deeply involved in their personal growth, having traveled many paths that led her to learn from shamanism to the martial arts, began working Dubro, through imposition of hands, which he defined as one of the energy systems of the human body, the electromagnetic field.

Soon. he discovered the profound changes that were made in the lives of those who received sessions of EMF. Suddenly, the projects and changes were postponed indefinitely rather easily and smoothly. And all of EMF customers without exception concerned a significant decrease of stress and the feeling of having an "extra" power that allowed them to feel more vital, strong and optimistic.

Dubro came to establish protocols for action that are the same for all professionals in the world (the EMF is carried in 60 countries) and one of its most notable features that makes it worthy of the title of "New Age therapy".
Furthermore, this technique has proved useful in health disorders in children and adults. In kids, are particularly receptive and helps in cases of hyperactivity, attention disorders. In adults, there have been cures in diseases as diverse as depression or psoriasis, but in any case, it is the intention of the person receiving the EMF which will help the field of electromagnetic energy is directed towards healing.

The effectiveness of this technique has aroused the interest of science, since the results that rise coincided with the postulates of quantum physics about the power of intention. For this reason it is being studied by various scientists, especially in the United States. Specifically physicist David P. Lapierre, explained in his book "Lattice of Conscience" (written with Peggy Phoenix Dubro) the scientific reasons behind the success of the EMF Balancing Tecnique ®.
One of the oldest and prestigious professionals in Spain is Esperanza Alvarez, who is also a teacher overseeing the new professionals.

What is a meeting of EMF?

At the start, the person receives information on the specific work which will both perform in session.
He shows films, (a sum graph), which has drawn a rough idea of the energy anatomy to make the process more understandable. This establishes a simple and relaxed communication.

Then while the person is on a massage couch, the auditor perform a professional and harmonious series of precise movements of the different sections of the Universal Calibration Lattice, following an established protocol.
Then, place his hands on the body in certain energy centers, to facilitate the flow of energy.

The professional, throughout the meeting, expresses aloud or mentally, specific approach to resonance energy and entirely new patterns, determined by the inner wisdom of the person receiving the technique.

Each session is calibrated around the UCL, which expands and reorganizes frees itself to a higher equilibrium diagram.

Purpose and benefits

Phases I to IV:
Balance the electromagnetic field, providing a balance between thinking-feeling-the physical body, supporting the transformation of the energies of our history in self and self. Allows us to focus on today and now have access to well above the energies to co-create our own lives.

Phases of the V to VIII:
These phases stabilize the balance of the electromagnetic field and strengthen the energy patterns of the Masters, leading to full expression the attributes we have within us.

EMF Training Programs

Introduction to technique:
The technique of balancing the electromagnetic field (EMF) is still a dynamic and expanding very rapidly all over the world: It is practiced in over 60 countries!.
You can learn the technique to develop your own potential energy, increasing your awareness of developments and to share with friends and family. You can also choose to make the workshop of the Universal Calibration Lattice ®, as will provide knowledge and skills to improve your life.

The formation of EMF sensitivity increases your energy and accelerates your personal growth process. Learning to interpret the language of energy opens the door to the wisdom of the human energy body as a friendly and powerful nutrient.

During the training you receive a direct alignment with the pattern of energy associated with each phase of work. This powerful alignment can complete training in a short time. Every time you make a meeting, let the subtle flow of electromagnetic energy of the client, balancing their energy patterns to pair your own patterns.

The first course of EMF prepares you to provide nine different energy sessions. They complement, amplify and enhance any healing modality you are practicing.

Phases I-IV.
Accredited Practitioner (Phases I-IV)

Phases V-VIII
Other specialties of proximal development:
Supervisory Teacher of Phases I to IV

Phases IX to XII
Individual Sessions EMF Balancing Technique (stages I to XII), by HOPE ÁLVAREZ, Teacher Supervisor EMF.

EMF 2009 Calendar

Upcoming courses ESPERANZA ALVAREZ, Teacher Supervisor EMF Balancing Technique ®
EMF classes: 1st. Quarter 2009
EMF courses: 2nd Quarter 2009
Courses EMF 3rd. Quarter 2009
EMF Courses: 4th Quarter 2009

For information about individual sessions and training courses:
Esperanza Alvarez
Telephone: 699 85 15 74 / 93 457 72 54
Aragon, 399, 1 º 2 ª

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2 Reviews about Energy Luz: A space for the balance
on 25/05/2015
Traditional wisdom combines such an array of ancient wisdom , it really makes you wonder why on Earth conventional, Western medicine laughs at such wisdom. There are so many things that Western medicine can't explain that Eastern medicine does.
on 08/07/2013
All those things of traditional medicine, I know they are related but somehow they seem like the same thing, maybe it´s because I haven´t tried all of them but that?s the point of reading and getting informed about this amazing world, so I?m going to keep reading articles and I hope to understand at least a little

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