A secret to rejuvenate and heal skin: Visualization Ein Geheimnis, um die Haut zu verjüngen und heilen: Visualisierung Un secreto para rejuvenecer y sanar piel: la visualización

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A secret to rejuvenate and heal skin: Visualization

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A secret to rejuvenate and heal skin: Visualization

Diets, creams, ointments and your skin still does not heal? You may need to try a new healing elixir which costs nothing and can certainly support the health of your skin: Visualizing yourself. Visualizing yourself is a creative tool that has gained fame in recent years, and not because it is something new (as alchemist used this method fa long time ago to create reality), but because it has a powerful effect on our bodies and our lives.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and has a large number of functions. A quality diet, good rest and a calm life are factors that greatly influence the health of the skin. However, many times, whatever we do, the skin does not seem to heal and even worse. If you want to help your skin to heal or just keep it nice and beautiful, please visualize yourself every night, which gives you a beautiful skin and will fill you with a very positive energy.

What is to visualize myself?

It is to put the mental image of what we want at the height of the frontal lobe, between the eyes or eyebrows. Our minds draw the picture of what we want. For example, if you want beautiful skin, you must focus on young skin, smooth and beautiful.

What is the best way to visualize?

Actually to do this activity you do not require a particular space or time, what is needed is to have a lot of intention and desire to create what we want. Then, the place can be any place where you feel comfortable even if you're on the bus or waiting in line. The higher your focus and concentration, the more powerful your visualization.

What is visualization?

You can do it by looking the young and smooth skin of a model, and then close your eyes and think that your skin looks and feels just so soft, smooth and young, and draw you well in your frontal lobe. When you visualize yourself, you need not only to think about it, but feel your skin, visualize that you touch it and feel very well, visualize that you see it in the mirror and looks radiant, fresh and healthy. If you do it very good, your results will be more pronounced.

If you have trouble drawing or feeling your skin while you close your eyes, or suddenly you find yourself thinking about other things (as usual when the mind is not trained), simply try the exercise again and again and focus on your skin, sending the messages you need.

What messages shall you send to your skin?

While you are in meditation, try to speak in a soft voice, say: "My skin is soft, it looks very young, it likes to be touched and caressed, my skin reflects my state of peace and serenity".

Dialogue with your skin is important, and also consider what you want to heal in your skin. For example: If the skin is burned or irritated, red or itchy, you need to focus more on feeling peace, so repeat several times "I'm at peace with myself and others, and this reflects my skin." Remember that the skin reflects our moods. So, if skin is dry, is perhaps we are rough either with us or others, perhaps we are rude and do not let the tenderness or love to flow to the surface and in all directions.

On the other hand, a "fallen" skin talks about lack of strength of mind, our ideas and thoughts are weak or have little influence on our actions. So we must think things and make them work in reality. Aged skin talks about old ideas or thoughts, i.e. that there are ideas or philosophy that expired and aren't fresh.

How long should I do the visualization?

Do it as long as you can. The more that you practice, the more you are printing to the cells of your skin with a healing message. IF you want to join more pronounced or rapid cure, try to focus one hour a day, may cost you if you're not used to do it, but calm down, if you insist, you can do it. Remember that patience is the key to great achievements. So practice it until you see results (NOTE: It can be practiced by people of all ages).

In addition...

Note that if you combine the visualization with a quality diet (no junk food, animal fats, sugars and refined flours, etc., drinking 2 liters of water a day), exercise and low stress in your life, you will have better results.

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3 Reviews about A secret to rejuvenate and heal skin: Visualization
on 23/02/2015
Visualization is a great tool, and I'm not sure how much of it actualy directly works on whatever it is you're visualizing, or how much of it simply inspires us to do the right thing when taking care of whatever it is you're visualizing. So...visualizing a great body, for example, inspires me to get out there and exercise.
on 01/06/2014
good tips but seem pretty impossible, well.. some people think that thinking can really make a change in your life, maybe it's true
on 23/12/2012
I'm not sure if this can work but it would be awesome, those things that are related to the mind are very powerful but you have to train a lot to reach that special state of consciousness. I'm going to try the practice of this but I don't know if I really could make it. I shall try anyway. Thanks for the information :)

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