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Reaching health by cooking

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Reaching health by cooking

Hey, I am Javier Arocena and if you have a quiet moment, I’d like to share the importance in our day diet, giving the word has spread from its Greek origins and means "way of living".

Because of my age and my concern for maintaining good habits, I did my studies of Life Sciences, Natural Medicine, Agriculture and current University of Navarra Course of Food and Health, my many lectures and courses on nutrition enable me to help people maintain a nutritional balance. 

The method that I use is based on the principles of medicine in the twenty-first century, a medicine that does not work with specialists but provides the human body as a unit and therefore reaches the goal.

At this point, no one doubts the great source of positive and negative feelings that occur in the largest gateway to the body: mouth. 

When the one is pleased, only immersed in the enjoyment of that pleasure and satisfaction, but not in all conscience and freedom, seeking realities expands beyond sensory pleasures, finding most noble sentiments and high ideals.

Reflection and growth cannot be supplied by another person. They are a product of our own self and practice. However way of balancing the food daily and make our business environment and support to health can be learned from others, like the basic home remedies and treatments of energy. The purpose of the holistic healing is to guide everyone towards self-realization and self-management of their health and their life. 

Creating a healthy and peaceful future for all peoples of the Earth is really the goal of holistic healing. We are vibrations immersed in a sea of vibrations that include everything we see, what we hear, and breathe, uncontrolled vibrations many times. There is only one center from which we can exercise conscious control and this is the mouth.

We are now exposed to a series of unprecedented chemicals, chemicals that our body can eliminate them through urine or sweat, but that we consume vitamins and minerals, which unfortunately due to the excessive industrialization, agriculture and livestock, give devitalized food, we cater to those needs, creating dirt in our bodies and giving way to a multitude of infections.

Not only is it important that foods are properly combined but know in the different meals, cooking them wisely with the seasons of the year and avoid any "fast food" that not only harms the body. It takes time for the kitchen because our health is at stake, and with good organization and availability of prepackaged foods in a few minutes can make a curative and preventive meal, making cooking a real alchemy.

In the energy nutrition, seminars impart assure that:

  • Provide a date knowledge of the science of nutrition that enables how the human body and understand a multitude of diseases and symptoms. The vast majority of the food temptations are due to a poor diet that disarms us and makes us consume "whims" that cause damage.
  • Try to help in the healing process, but only you can be in this healing and therefore should be involved in the task of recovering the lost welfare. With the help of all possible tools to balance your life in a profound and complete way.

Courses are offered to small groups, maximum twelve people with a mission to create a dynamic and participatory process to be most useful for all attendees.

Later, apart from theory taught in workshops Treviño. I have eight nutrition books with different themes and a booklet of recipes curative and preventive. All this can be purchased at the herbalists or natural food stores.

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2 Reviews about Reaching health by cooking
on 01/11/2015
This is so true, health is based on our diet and the foods we eat, adn a lot of that comes down to the way in which we grow and prepare our foods. I'ev been reading a lot of books about Ayurvedic cooking, and even the way in which you cook the foods affects the nutrients it imparts.
on 09/12/2013
I would love to read one of you nooks if they speak of the importance of the many food we must consume and the ones we should avoid to have a healthy and nice life, thanks for sharing this nice article and I hope to find you books soon or at least more articles

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