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A Casa da Terra

A Casa da Terra, Spiral Growth Center has been creating personal effort and support of friends.

It is a typical house with several sites, and newly erected stone oak and chestnut beams.

The house has a fireplace, rooms, more services, a dining room and gallery. It works with solar energy throughout the Center.

The room is very wide, built of wood, clear glass and oriented to the east.

On the outside of the farm you can enjoy: the river, a large meadow and a large area of oak and chestnut trees, where you can do outdoor activities, shops and install tipis.

A Casa Da Terra also rent the Center for workshops, meetings... Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage, Reiki, Food, Renaissance (Rebirthing) Crafts and Creativity, therapy, theater, music, dance and more...

Meetings for children oriented to farm - school camps and activities to support the school. Nature of classroom, workshops, bread, cheese ... Sports and adventure. Both in groups and individuals. Cabins to study ecological construction and solar energy, to retreat into nature.

Alternative and active tourism: hiking, cycling, canoeing, archery (from breathing and concentration), Tyrolean (and other strings), down the river ... meditation, active meditation and movement, relaxation.

For more information: www.casadaterra.com

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1 Reviews about A Casa da Terra
on 27/11/2015
I totally agree, living in the wilderness, close to the weather and elements, rivers, trees, birds, wildlife...that's the healthy way to go. It's an inspiring life, and I yearn to experience it on a more permanent basis. There's so much to do in the wilderness to stay active.

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