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9 Tips to Reduce that Double Chin

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9 Tips to Reduce that Double Chin

Attain that model neck with these secrets.  The neck is an extension of our face not frequently talked, but that forms part of our body’s general aesthetics.  It is considered by many to be a very sensual part of the body, from the nape of the neck all the way around to the front.  The neck reflects several things about our character; it’s hard to hide a flabby, droopy or wrinkly neck with makeup, which is why it’s so important to keep our necks firm and rejuvenated.

Here we’ll give you some tips that can help you keep your neck firm and beautiful, and to show off a sexy neck.

  1. The best way to maintain a firm neck without expression lines all comes down to how you sleep!  Using high pillows or having poor neck posture while working, sleeping, etc., causes the neck to flex, leaving marks on the skin – which is soft and sensitive – and over time this forms crisscrossed lines on the face.  We recommend that as you go to bed, avoid using fat pillows.  Sleeping without a pillow is the best way to go, but if you don’t like this, then use a small pillow.  Avoid bending the neck too much while you sleep.  Also, try not to twist or bend your neck too much when watching TV, as this creates marks and lines in the neck as well.
  2. Exfoliate you neck when you exfoliate your face.  Frequently we forget the neck during our important maintenance care, and exfoliation is key to keeping firm skin, with good cellular regeneration.  The best way to exfoliate the next is by using raw oats, moistened in water and massaged into the neck.  It is important not to forget the nape or the lower part of the neck, near the clavicle and vertebrae.
  3. Double chin, a double chin is formed when the skin is poorly oxygenated and has little nutrient circulation, and is also due to bad posture and lack of exercise for those muscles.  Give yourself massages daily around the neck, pressing lightly on the double chin area with your index fingers.  Later, place your fingers on the area and push on the muscle under the chin.  By placing your fingers under your chin, you will know which muscles to move.  Repeat 5 times. 
  4. To maintain a flexible skin with firm skin, apply a Royal Jelly cream with collagen after exfoliating, and after bathing or at night.  Every day drink juice with aloe, carrots and celery.  This juice is rich in minerals that are super essential for the skin and cell reproduction.  One cause of droopy or flabby skin is the consumption of white flour products, junk food, or products with poor enzymatic or nutritive properties.
  5. The skin on the neck, just like that on the chest, is continually exposed to gravity.  To help counteract the effects of gravity, it is important to practice head stands or laying on an inclined table to that the feet are slightly higher than the head.  While laying down, take some time to give your face and neck a massage, and to breathe appropriately so as to allow your cells more vigorous oxygenation.
  6. Abdominal breathing consists of swelling the abdomen on an inhale, and deflating it as if it were a balloon, on the exhale.  Lightly press the neck while breathing to invite circulation to the area.  
  7. Try to have good posture with a straight back, relaxed but slightly pulled back shoulders, while slightly raising the neck.  Do not force it; feel natural, and avoid dropping the neck.  Don’t walk with the head bent or looking down. 
  8. Practice yoga or tai chi.  These help keep the neck rejuvenated and the tissues firm.  Swimming and exercising, along with dancing, also help the body to stay harmonious.
  9. Lastly.  If you have a short neck, avoid shirts with collars and round necklaces.  V shape shirts and necklines work best for you, and don’t use popped collars.  If you have a long neck, take advantage of that!  Use circular necklines while avoid V-necks.  Try to walk with good posture.               

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2 Reviews about 9 Tips to Reduce that Double Chin
on 27/01/2016
Yes - I find the spectacle of successive chins blending into the neck awfully hard to stomach. My friend has a double chin and I've told him if he doesn't trim it down, I'll have to cut off contact. I know it's not particularly pleasant of me, but I can barely keep my food down around him. Thankfully, I'm wonderfully toned and attractive and my chin is doubled in the right way, that is, with a cleft down its centre so as to make it resemble a pair of firm, boyish buttocks.
on 18/09/2014
Oh it just sounds so gross to say double chin, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I myself do not have one - I work very hard at staying healthy and trim - but I have seen women that do have it and you're right, it is just so unsightly. I think a lot of it has to do with being sedentary, and those muscles become lazy and loosen up.

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