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9 quick Secrets of Beauty

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9 quick Secrets of Beauty

Certain diets or quick fixes for keeping fit are neither effective nor recommended. A slender and beautiful body is the conclusion of a series of habits and love for oneself. However, if you can use certain tricks of beauty at the time or day before, you will look thin and beautiful. If you want to know how to accentuate the beauty of your figure and beauty of your face, follow these tips this year end or every time you will have a commitment or a party that requires you look better than ever.

1. Abdomen

To make your abdomen is not swollen or inflamed the day of the party, it is necessary that one day before, you attempt to eat very soft things to your stomach, papaya in the morning, a vegetable soup at lunch with a salad, cooked vegetables at dinner and some bread with cheese. The last food you eat is an apple or two. Avoid any irritating products like sugar, alcohol and snuff. This mini-diet will help your stomach is in excellent condition for the party.

2. Mood

Sleep well the night before the event. If you sleep well, your skin will look rested and your mind will be joyous and wonderful. To sleep well, take a tea of passionflower, orange, anise, chamomile or mint. If you want to increase the profit from your sleep, put to music that makes you feel really inspired and go to sleep visualizing nice things.

3. Skin

One day before or the same day, have a bath in a tub with aromatic essence you enjoy and take advantage to exfoliate your skin with clay or sugar. Exfoliate your whole body and then apply moisturizer. It is best done one day prior to dawn, feeling of wonder and a refreshed and smooth skin.

4. Makeup

Your makeup should be something that makes you feel comfortable. Whether exaggerated or discrete, the point is that you really feel good about yourself because when you feel good about yourself is reflected in everything you do. So you can practice different styles of makeup and playing around with colors and so on until you feel comfortable with one.

5. Outfit

Your outfit must also be something that makes you feel free, no matter if this fashion or not, if you feel at ease and your style, then that's what you use. If you have problems with your style, you need to do a test a day before to combine clothes and play until you feel comfortable with any. Avoid thinking: "Would they like it or not?", Connect with what you like, this is very important because safety plans, if you feel insecure with this is because you need to boost your self-confidence, and nothing like this time to give pleasure to you before anyone else. There are clothes that help you see taller, thinner, more and more. So try!

6. Love your body

If you are slightly overweight or you do not like your body at all, you need to seize this moment as you choose your outfit or you look in the mirror to send kisses and nice words, remember that how you see yourself is how others see you. So if your body is not the ideal of the magazines it doesn’t matter, at this point what matters is that you feel accepted by you, because this is what others perceive.

7. Hairstyle

Your hair, as in the preceding paragraphs, must be liked by you. It is important that you dare to try new styles as this will help you see differently and explore a new way of feeling. However, the hair should not ever bother you or make you feel embarrassed.

8. Worthy and beautiful appearance

All this must be supplemented with a dignified and respectable position of yourself. If you comb your hair and dress fancy but your shoulders are hunched or your belly out, then your work could be ruined. You have to get used to stand up very straight, with shoulders back and abdomen contracted, your posture should not be forced, relax your shoulders and arms loose, and when walking try not to put your hands in the pockets of clothing or prevents being tight, relax your hands and allow them to move naturally with the movement of your walk.

9. Charisma

A person calm and smiling, humorous and creative, goes beyond any beauty. So you must come with a happy and enthusiasm spirit to the party, fun but not tense or artificial, it is you're you and that you feel comfortable with to be. If you have trouble taking a spontaneous and joyful spirit or feel insecure visualize yourself the previous night as a person who just really enjoys every moment of the life, go waving gently, smiling cordiality who you do not know, and forget that day of what others think of you. It is you and act the way you feel proud and be amazed at what you are. 

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3 Reviews about 9 quick Secrets of Beauty
on 23/04/2015
I'll give you one quick secret to beauty, and it is the secret to everything, the secret to life (which...life is beauty and beauty is life, so...) That secret is....LOVE. Love everything you do, see, are, experience. Love the world, love yourself, and love as MUCH as you can. THAT'S beauty!
on 04/05/2014
charisma should be like the first thing in the list to be beautiful, but the people always think in the body first, this is bad... but well..

the tips are ok, thanks for sharing though

on 26/05/2013
Hey, really good article, it made me feel encouraged to prepare myself in a relaxed way to parties and social events, they can really be stressful especially when there is something wrong with your body, but your mind can control this and well if your charisma is good, then you have nothing to worry about!

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