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8 Tips for removing scars, spots or wrinkles

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8 Tips for removing scars, spots or wrinkles

Cuts, surgeries, strokes as well as the passage of time, often leave unwelcome marks on our skin. People recommend many things to us, and there are expensive treatments that promise wonders and sometimes do not work as expected. Here are some tips and foolproof secrets that will help to fade or even remove scars or spots on your skin.

1. Provide your skin with vitamins: When you cut yourself or notice that you have spots, wrinkles or scars on your skin, you can increase your intake of vitamin A, of which you will find high sources in carrots, broccoli and papaya. We recommend that if you have a wound, consume fresh carrot juice, celery and alfalfa, aloe, carrot, beet or carrot with cactus. These juices are super restorative for the skin and help to reduce scarring.

2. Give antioxidants to skin: Almonds, goji berries, grape seed, aloe, citrus and avocados are foods that should not be missing in your diet. To eliminate a scar naturally, the body needs to have natural cell regenerators, and these foods are great sources of antioxidants which help to repair cells and tissues. Try to include one or two avocados a day in your daily diet.

3. Help your body to assimilate well: Good nutrition is useless if the body does not absorb and digest well. One of the best ways to assimilate nutrients is to leave the stress and anxiety behind, trying to incorporate a new way of seeing things. Do not force yourself to not feel stress because this will provoke more stress: Instead try to trust yourself more and criticise less, read things that allow you to approach life with confidence and joy. Enjoying and trusting, believe it or not, increase the healing capacity of the body and helps to repair damaged cells more efficiently (and it may even help you avoid wrinkles!).

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day: Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted when you turn out the light and go to sleep. This neurotransmitter is the most powerful known antioxidant and cell regenerator. When you sleep your skin repairs and regenerates, and if you also put adhere to the following remedies, you will be helping to repair your skin powerfully and scars and wrinkles will begin to disappear. Therefore, you should avoid staying awake until late or sleeping little: Try to sleep at the same hour every day and follow a routine of cleansing and visualisation before sleeping.

5. Before going to sleep wash your face with oatmeal and then apply snail cream on top. The snail cream is one of the most powerful anti wrinkle creams, as well as an effective remedy against stretch marks and scars. If you do not have access to snail cream, use cream or aloe gel over the scar or zone with wrinkles, and tap above the area to encourage proper absorption of the cream, encouraging the circulation of nutrients to this area. For wrinkles, lie down on a table or bed tilting your head so that the bloodstream is flowing there (ie with your feet above your head). Gently tap on your face and neck, tightening your skin where you feel more wrinkles or damaged skin.

6. Eating apple helps cellular repair and it is a sedative to help you sleep deeper and rest better. Lettuce is also very good at night, and green tea helps provide antioxidants to your body. Prepare a green tea in the afternoons and apply the teabag with green tea on your skin or zone with stretch marks, wrinkles or scars.

7. Before sleep, try a routine which incorporates the visualisation of healthy and young skin while passing your hands over your face, neck, etc. This approach is an old and powerful tool to heal and manifest the things we want. Remember that your cells are made of information, so if you give them new information they will certainly respond. When you are visualising, pass your hands over the face and make the following statement: "My cells are healthy and young, my face looks flawless and smooth."

8. During the day, spray water on your skin: The water should be mixed with a little aloe moisturizer, especially in hot weather. This will keep your skin moist and constantly boost cell reparation.

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6 Reviews about 8 Tips for removing scars, spots or wrinkles
on 21/01/2016
A very good article with lots of great tips to look after your skin! I think in general if you eat well and are living a stress-free lifestyle, this will be reflected in the condition of your skin. Regular sunlight also helps a lot, although there is not much that can be done to avoid the eventual appearance of wrinkles in old age.
on 16/09/2014
I have a scar on my leg from a motorcycle burn I got a couple years ago. These sound like great remedies, all very easy remedies, but do you have any information about creams that we could make and use at home for scars that aren't on the face. I feel like I already eat a pretty healthy diet and follow most of these guidelines, but it still hasn't gone away.
on 24/03/2014
I think that an apple a day and maybe an avocado too, that could be the solution to the skin problems, even the spots, so preparing a mask with these ingredients can be really good too, or you have something bad to say avoid that? well I was just wondering since their properties are very obvious
on 22/03/2014
Sometimes I forget to take off the dirt and the makeup of my face before going to bed, especially because I am very tired when I get home and then I just forget it and fall asleep, maybe I should consider that more seriously because I do not why but it looks like I am getting spots and of course the wrinkles are caused by the eyeliner
on 29/05/2014
you should avoid this as this can complicate all the things even more! avoid it at all cost!
on 21/03/2014
Those short and good advices are pretty smart to take care of the skin in the absolutely proper way, thanks a lot for helping me, the last advice of the water is new for me and sounds easy and useful too, so I will keep it on mind

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