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8 Keys for Integral Health

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8 Keys for Integral Health

While the planet's health is our responsibility, so is our health: we are a nature to attend to, a body and mind that we must stop polluting, destroying and should learn to respect and love the plants, the air and animals.

In fact, there is no doctor to cure a disease: a doctor can only guide his patient awareness and provide remedies that bring you closer to regain harmony and health, the full cure is effected when the patient is willing to change habits, customs and, above all, of trying to heal.

There are 8 basic elements to regain and maintain health, while these aspects are kept in harmony and respect, free from any disease. Then, the seven elements that you must not lose sight


This is one of the elements essential for health, necessary for building bones and teeth fixed as calcium. You might have a diet and a lot of great quality but if you do not get enough sun, you will anemic and lacking health. We need to at least take the sun for 20 minutes, having a good walk in the park or doing any outdoor activity.


Our body is comprised of over 90% of this liquid of life. Without adequate level, it cannot form tissues or nurture properly, waste cannot be eliminated nor can perform cell regeneration, nervous system alters and degenerates and enzymatic functions are weakened. The best water to drink is pure, including mineral water is very good.


Oxygen is one of the elements essential for health, good oxygenation is essential for the body heat and energy for proper combustion of food and its nutrients can be absorbed and deposited properly. It is therefore important to breathe properly, physical activity to help us get a good supply of oxygen. The oxygen is best in places away from the city, walking in the woods or on the beach is extremely beneficial to health.


Being in contact with this element helps to nourish and purify energy toxins. One way to keep in touch with the earth is to walk barefoot on grass or the sand, but it also can benefit from massage with clays, which are excellent to nourish, firm and exfoliate the skin.


These should be of the highest quality possible and be varied, fresh and well combined. We must eliminate processed foods, sugar added, fried sausages, which atrophy only vital body functions, stealing energy to the body instead of giving. Our diet should have fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds, whole grains and oilseeds.


The mind must also be nourished, and the better foods are the thoughts that inspire wellness, harmony, curiosity, exploration and beauty. Care must be taken to keep the mind focused on what you want, and not allow contamination or get distracted by things that cause us anger, fear or other undesirable emotion.

Fun and joy

The body needs more than covering its basic needs to feel good: you need to feel with your heart in life, be attracted to be living. Thus one should try to find enjoyment from activities where the heart must have moments of distraction, leaving the routine, explore, dare to experiment with new ways of doing things, thinking, of seeing the world.


The entire universe is in motion: even if we do not see that the stone moves, they do, in a very slow way, but their molecules are moving. The movement is an essential element of life, everything is moving, everything evolves and expands, nothing can remain static. Our heart is part of this evolutionary movement, as much as the reality of our mind grows, evolves. Thus, we must be willing to change and move, not closing our mind and leave it open to new understandings. When we resist and do not want to change or stop seeing things as we have always seen is that we suffer pain. So, do not resist the new, learn to flow, rely on the intelligence, wisdom and love in all molecules moving in nature.

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2 Reviews about 8 Keys for Integral Health
on 22/08/2014
Yes, yes, yes!! I love the vision and the understanding. We truly are all connected, so anything we do to heal any part of ourselves or the world around us, is inevitably for the greater good. There are so many people out there contaminating our space with thoughts, actions...just they way they live, we have to do everything we can to make this world "cleaner".
on 01/06/2013
Beautiful, the body is like a temple which needs to be fed, not only with food but with energy that keeps us in a good mood for the daily life, so I find it amazing relating what the body needs with the nature parts that complement the human, thanks a lot for these encouraging words.

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