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8 important secrets to reduce fat

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8 important secrets to reduce fat

A good balance of fats in the body brings out any body. With adequate fat and a good exercise, we can obtain a well-defined abdomen, some muscles usually well turned and striking.

The response for a sculptural may body include many factors, from genetic factors and individual metabolism, diet and even a special care. However, we focus this time on some secrets that you can use easily and that can help give your body more harmonious and attractive look. Merging these secrets with physical activity and a general willingness on your diet, eat plenty of vegetables and eliminating dairy and refined sugars, as your body will surely respond properly according to the most natural way and natural harmony of your body.

Remember that there are no miraculous things, there is only your will and the mix of factors to create the right results.

The secrets

1. Getting enough and proper protein:

The proteins are essential for a good consistency and muscle function. But it is not enough to take any protein, since much of it has saturated fats that are not beneficial for your body and you just add more fat and toxins. The proteins that we suggest are the vegetable or those of high biological value as found in the serum of milk, cheese, vegetarian (tofu), tuna, lentils, oil seeds and fish are some of the proteins more healthy and that will keep you with good muscle structure.

2. Consuming omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids are fats very beneficial for the body and the best advantage. Vegetable oils (olive, sesame, almonds, etc.) are polyunsaturated fatty acids and are also high in the tissues of some fish and some plant sources like flax seed and walnuts. If you feed your body with this type of fat, besides being well-nourished, will have a brain power and prevent a myriad of diseases, you're helping your body to function only for the fat needed.

3. Eliminating refined sugar:

White sugar is a major reason for overweight. Soft drinks, many canned goods as ketchup, breads and more refined, contain high percentages of white sugar which has no nutritional and is the only thing that causes weight gain. It is true that the body needs glucose, but there is the need to obtain from natural fruit or, failing that, replace it with honey or brown sugar.

4. Do not neglect the consumption of carbohydrates:

You need to include in your diet as they provide energy. Although many people believe that should be removed to lose fat, this is a mistake. The right thing is to learn to select and not eliminate them completely. Prefer whole grains instead of refined like oatmeal, whole grain bread and biscuits. Add to your diet, rice and lentils. If you eat the skins of fruit, you will favor the storage of carbohydrate as muscle and liver glycogen.

5. Take plenty of water:

Being properly hydrated will help you maintain proper functioning of the digestive process, which determines that your body does not retain the toxins and become overweight. Consume 2 to 3 liters of water a day, if you train prefer rehydration drinks and juices, fresh fruit or vegetables juices. Avoid sugary drinks, milk and industrial juice.

6. Consume Green tea:

Green tea contains antioxidants that help fight excess free radicals, help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The thermogenic green tea contains substances that have the ability to slightly increase metabolic rate, so that the body increases the availability of free fatty acid oxidation subjects. It contains no calories and will help to remove fat remaining.

7. Take the juice of a lemon in the morning:

The lemon juice has many properties and high profits in your body. In this case, we are interested in your lemon cleansing property, which will help you eliminate toxins and accumulated fats in your body that could not be eliminated, causing overweight. The lemon will purify your body and eliminate these excesses, it will also look better to your skin and hair. Take the juice of one lemon every morning fasting dissolved in half a glass of warm water.

8. Times in food:

Distribute your diet at 4 or more times during the day. This makes it easier to keep blood glucose levels more stable. Include all types of food, but seek to include at least 3 times abundant salads and ensure that your dinner is very light.

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4 Reviews about 8 important secrets to reduce fat
on 30/08/2015
The biggest key to reducing fat is so simple...diet and exercise! And so many people overlook it, trying to take unhealthy supplements, or starving themselves. Losing weight needs to be sustainable, find an activity that you enjoy, like cycling, and eat a healthy, wholesome diet.
on 04/05/2014
I want to reduce some weight, it is because I do care about my body and right now it is the most important thing on my mind, well let's get going and try these routines and tips... I really hope they work as the other comments say
on 06/10/2013
The topic is always the same, you already know what to do, now you just have to make a movement and try to change the habits, let me tell you that I used to be very fatty but now my body is full of nice and shaped muscles and I just opted for changing my habits and trying natural exercises and medicine.
on 24/05/2011
I find your article very accurate, in fact I have been doing the exact same thing you mention on your article except consuming some carbohydrates ( I have completely eliminated them ) but I will give it a try ( I keep track of my results ).

Regards, Jairo.

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