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7 Causes and Remedies for Stored Back & Abdominal Fat

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7 Causes and Remedies for Stored Back & Abdominal Fat

The fat that accumulates in the back, abdomen or waist is not only unsightly or uncomfortable for some people, but it can also be a clear demonstration of certain imbalances in the body that may have a very simple remedy, preventing fat build-up in the back and abdonimous regions.

Some factors leading to stored fat:

  • Liver malfunction, which processes fat poorly and leads to an accumulation in the body.

  • Toxin-saturated intestines due to poor diet, when processed or refined products predominate the diet, and also the consumption of a lot of saturated fat contained in cow's milk, red meat, sausages, flour and refined sugars or fats, to name but a few.

  • Working long hours or sitting in front of the a screen without rest, which causes inmobilization of fats and toxins and ultimately fat will get stuck in the body, especially if you have poor posture.

  • Prolonged and repetitive stress coupled with poor diet and anxiety, which not only causes the accumulation of fat but excess gas and bloating in the abdominal area.

  • A combination of bad diet, as these generate toxemia in the body.

  • Hypersensitivity, believe it or not, generates a special stress on the body that can cause fat retention. Being very sensitive generates a feeling of overprotection that leads to excess body fat, in order to "protect". This is a body language that should always be well taken into account if you really want to lose some pounds.

Remedies to lose ccumulated fat in waist, back and abdomen:

Besides exercising and drinking up to two liters of water each day, make sure that raw foods prevail in your diet, without excess sugar or seasoning and consider these secret remedies that may help you:

  • Drink hot Boldo tea, with squeezed lemon juice daily while fasting. This will help you to control the functions of your liver and it will help to mobilize the accumulated fat in your body.

  • On a day that you do not have many errands, try pineapple diet, eating only pineapple for a day, if you scald your tongue, it's worth putting up with it for a little while. You should also drink two liters of water a day and start this diet with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Every day eat a large fresh vegetable salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil with lemon and a pinch of salt. In this salad you should include sprouts, alfalfa, carrots, a little beet (do not abuse), raw broccoli and other seasonal vegetables daily. The key to these is that you consume salads with extra virgin olive oil and at least 3 tablespoons lemon.

  • Try each day moving the waist side to side, tightening the abdomen and throwing the hip forward, back, moving in circles to the left and the right. Do this exercise at least 15 minutes a day, do it until you feel the muscle hurts a little, that's when you're really working the mobilization of toxins.

  • Before each meal, take a fresh carrot juice, avoid eating fruit with meals as if you eat fruit at lunchtime sugar can ferment foods and digestion will be slowed down and heavy. The fermentation of foods generates alcohol in the body, which affects your liver. Carrot juice will give you great body enzymes to digest the food perfectly and can evacuate excess toxins and fats.

  • Look at the things that make you feel bad or get angry, recognize them and learn new ways to flow with what you feel , stop waiting for others and learn how to meet your own emotional needs rather than expecting them to be met by others.

  • Drink green tea three times a day, one midmorning, one at noon and one in the evening. Green tea is a great cleanser, do not sugarcoat anything, but rather add a few drops of lemon to enhance its effect fat remover.

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7 Reviews about 7 Causes and Remedies for Stored Back & Abdominal Fat
on 14/01/2016
Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but no amount of eating salad and acknowledging negative or angry emotions is going to show real results when trying to seriously lose weight.
I can see where this article is trying to go, and it is leading in the right direction, but it needs to be more heavily highlighted that healthy and conscious eating plan coupled with some rigorous exercise is going to move those wobbly bits!

on 12/08/2014
I know these are all true causes of abdominal fat. It's so good the way you've listed them, and given some truly great remedies for cutting back on belly fat. Something that is of insurmountable importance, and that has also been left out, however, is a sense of responsibility to oneself and your health. I think so many people think it's okay to eat the way our culture pushes us to, and to stay at that desk job because, well, what else are you going to do? If you really are concerned about your weight, being sedentary is NOT an option. You have to take responsibility about what you eat, and how you live your life
on 16/06/2014
Great, and simple "everyday" advise on how to manage belly fat. Although I love veggies, and salads I don't usually take the time to prepare and enjoy them every single day. After these recommendations I shall have veggies, and greens more often with a side of Green Tea. Looking forward to seeing results!
on 03/05/2014
on 26/04/2014
vestige slimming capsules and patches are good for weight loss. Regular rope jumping, morning walk and free hand exercises are good for body and breathing exercises or pranayam is good for health.
on 29/05/2014
thanks for the recommendations! they sure will become handy when I start my diet!
on 24/04/2014
Hey people how are you doing? It is always good to see new tips to reduce weight or at least maintain the proper one that you need, I am carrying some pounds that must go away for once! And now the only way of doing that is the PROPER WAY, I mean, caring about my body and the exercise and food it needs?

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