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6 Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers

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6 Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers

Stomach, or peptic ulcers, are lesions located in the mucous lining of the stomach caused by the stomach’s own acid.  They are generally very painful and even though they generally don’t develop in healthy individuals, there are several common causes that could be responsible for them.  These causes could include misuse of analgesics, anti-inflammatory medication, and more.

Gastric ulcers are also closely related to the presence of a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori.  This type of infection could initially present symptoms like gastritis, which evolves into an ulcer if not treated in time.

Dietary Recommendations

Chose correct foods and avoid those which could worsen your condition.  This is highly recommendable to alleviate symptoms and even to improve your condition.

Studies have shown that flavonoids could improve the condition of your stomach ulcers.  Foods rich in flavonoids include green tea, broccoli, red grapes, legumes and apples.  Citrus fruits even contain flavonoids, however we recommend avoiding them, as they could irritate the mucous membrane in the stomach.

You should also avoid foods rich in fat, like fried foods.  If you have a peptic ulcer you should also avoid consuming irritating foods, alcoholic beverages, coffee, sodas or soft drinks, foods rich in sugar like caramels, ice cream, sweets, pastries, etc.  And lastly, we also advise avoiding processed meats and other foods that are processed, packaged, instant soups, etc.

Natural Treatments

Untreated ulcers could create serious consequences, like considerable stomach wounds that could require surgery.  They could also be related to more serious problems with cancer, which is why you should try to prevent them from growing.

1. Green Bananas

This fruit is easily found around the world and grows in tropical regions.  You need to pay special attention to them, however, when treating gastritis and peptic ulcers naturally.  Some people say that they contain substances that could stimulate the creation of a protective layer over the stomach, thereby preventing the appearance of ulcers.  They also help heal ulcers.

Consuming green bananas daily could be useful for fighting heart burn, nausea, and pain related to gastric ulcers.  This is not the only banana-based remedy however, as you can also use green banana powder.  These bananas are dehydrated and ground.  Take two teaspoons of green banana powder with honey, three times a day.

2. Honey

This food is wonderful, and it continues to surprise us with its healing properties.  It has been used since ancient times to heal wounds, and it is a traditional method for treating peptic ulcers.

Some people believe that the healing principle in honey, in these cases, lies in its glucose oxidase.  When consumed, this enzyme can fight stomach bacteria, helping to heal an ulcer.

The honey absolutely must be natural and unprocessed in order to retain its purity and healing properties.  We recommend two teaspoons a day for this treatment, preferably before breakfast.  Once your discomfort has subsided, we recommend continuing to take honey, with a portion of one tablespoon a day.

3. Fight Stress

The stomach is believed to frequently be the victim of stress effects, causing digestive and heart burn problems.

One basic recommendation is to try to reduce your daily stress levels.  There are a lot of alternatives available for this, from meditation to some sort of regular physical activity.  You can also use relaxation techniques, anti-stress massage, or yoga.

4. Vitamin E

Excellent results have been reported with use of vitamin E supplements for treating gastric ulcers. Just 300 mg of vitamin E a day improves recovery, and is considered useful in improving other symptoms, like pain.

5. Capsaicin

This compound is what gives cayenne pepper and other peppers their spice.  This may seem unreasonable for treating ulcers, because it is considered to be an irritating substance.  This substance reduces the stomach’s acid production, however, and stimulates the creating of substances to protect the stomach’s mucous membrane.

According to studies, capsaicin could fight stomach bacteria, like Helicobacter pylori.

We recommend using cayenne pepper or another capsaicin extract, in the appropriate amount.  You can add it to salsas, which can be combined with other substances that are recommendable for ulcers.

6. Say No to Milk

Drinking whole milk is a popular remedy for treating ulcers, because it reduces pain.  This is not recommendable, however, because this may provide temporary relief, but shortly after drinking it, milk could promote stomach acid.  It is best to see a doctor when experiencing pain.

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1 Reviews about 6 Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers
on 15/06/2015
I've been under a lot of stress lately, planning a wedding and having work pile up, and I've been concerned about getting an ulcer. I have noticed that I seem to be gettin a lot more heartburn, which I suspect is the first stage of an ulcer...

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