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6 Foods That Fight Pain

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6 Foods That Fight Pain

When we think of combating pain, surely we think about a pill or painkillers to achieve this effect, and probably very few times we have considered that food can heal our pain. However, some foods are endowed with natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that today science has found useful against various types of pain.

It is true that a pill is easy to swallow and provides fast relief, but turning to food is not only healthy, if you do it regularly it can give you a good long-term effect.

1. Cherries for joint pain

These sweet little fruits have properties that make them useful for pain in the joints. Recent studies have suggested that eating 20 cherries can be as effective as taking an ibuprofen for pain. On the other hand, more recent research showed that eating 45 cherries a day can reduce the C-reactive protein by 25 %, an important factor in inflammation that is often associated with arthritis. In addition, cherries contain a substance known as curcumin, a compound that can relieve discomfort just as well as ibuprofen in individuals with osteoarthritis in the knee.

2. Beans against acidity

While the fibre in beans can cause gas, in fact, they are also good to combat reflux. According to a study, people who eat high-fibre foods such as beans are also 20% less likely to develop reflux.

3. Ginger as an ally against muscle pain

Ginger can be a good remedy for muscle soreness after training. Drinking ginger tea or half a teaspoon, whether natural, or mixed in your yogurt with fruit, can help decrease muscle soreness. It is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic natural effects.

4. For stomach pain: peppermint , chamomile and coconut

Fresh Menthol and mint tea are carminative, useful for combating bloating and gas. It is also a relaxant, which helps reduce spasms and cramping associated with stomach upset and irritable bowel syndrome.

Meanwhile Chamomile is an excellent tract, which can be useful to prevent indigestion and stomach pain after eating a heavy meal, or indigestion, you only need to consume an infusion prior to your food intake.

For diarrhea, coconut can be useful, eating 1-3 teaspoons of grated coconut can help combat diarrhea because it contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

5. Nuts and seeds to treat menstrual cramps

Opting for walnuts, almonds, pistachio nuts or seeds may be a good idea if you want to avoid the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. According to a study, women consuming riboflavin from oilseeds are three times less likely to experience discomfort associated with premenstrual syndrome (including cramps) than women who do not include them in their diet.

6. Coffee and pumpkin seeds for headaches

Headaches are often due to enlarged blood vessels, resulting in pulses. Drinking products containing caffeine can help to constrict the blood vessels, relieving discomfort and if combined with analgesics this usually produces better results, using a lower dose.

On the other hand, migraines, may be due to a deficiency of magnesium, a mineral that helps to calm the nerves and avoid tension of the muscles that produce these terrible headaches. In such cases, you could benefit greatly from magnesium-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds.

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6 Reviews about 6 Foods That Fight Pain
on 15/08/2014
What a great article! and great information! I had never thought of treating pain with foods. I don't experience a lot of aches and pains anyway, and even when I do, rarely do I even resort to medicines like ibuprofin or advil. The nuts was an interesting part to think about though. I already eat a lot of nuts and nut butters, maybe that's why I feel so pain-free in the first place!
on 25/11/2013
The beans are a heavy meal, so it is hard to believe that they stop the problems in the stomach, but the acidity could be, thanks for sharing that, there are many food that help to the pain and I cannot even believe that, haha I need to try to figure out
on 10/11/2013
I have amazing the fact that the nuts are perfect for the period, I do not tend to have many pain and cramps but when I have them, they are the worst, so before this happens again, I will start eating nuts everyday, and well, they are perfect for the skin and hair too!
on 28/10/2013
The remedy of the pumpkin seeds could be perfect and even better in this season where you can find pumpkin in everything you eat and drink right? the rest of the remedies seem pretty good in those times that nothing seem to work even the remedies that the doctors give you, maybe the persistence is enough
on 27/10/2013
i am going to consume as many nuts and seeds as I can during, before and after my period to avoid the cramps an pain, I tend to have a lot of it during almost all the days that it last and even though I've been taking a pill to avoi that, it seems to stop working at all, not I am in really bad troubles, I hope to find a solution in this
on 18/10/2013
I have always considered the fact that foods can have many more benefits that a pill that only harm the body if you take in high doses, and just thinking that pills can cause overdose and even death if not used in the right way so, consuming food is not only the best5 but it heal the body from the inside and naturally

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