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4 tips for weight loss psychology

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4 tips for weight loss psychology

Many people who try to lose weight are experiencing difficulties during this process because dieting is not only to stop eating this and that eliminating fat and toxins accumulated in the body, but dieting is to eliminate and debugging also a series of patterns and habits of mind, and many attitudes that are often deeply rooted in the behavior of the individual.

In my opinion, diets fail because people do not have adequate emotional support. Many people who start diet not only need a list of what should or should not eat, but an emotional guidance to support them during this process, especially to discover and to know everything that limits their welfare and, in some cases, their health, as well as deepen cultural and social patterns which require certain stereotypes so that the person is accepted, society expects certain behaviors, responses, and "bodies" of people, , and this can greatly affect the will of the person, for in the fund may be a response to rebellion:

Why do I have to be thin? Why cannot love or accept me?

If these questions are within the person without answers, they can become pretexts, weaknesses and sabotage (often unconsciously) in the diet of the individual. As the above questions, there may be many more, often at an unconscious level, but we do not notice, so many times during the diet, weakens the will to follow it.
Not knowing the reasons why we act weakens the will, since reason is the force that gives power to action. If you have no clear reason, then you might be acting mechanically, conditional or repetitive, not a strong conviction. And the conviction is what gives fuel to the will.

So, here are 4 key questions that will help you strengthen your will and help you overcome those limitations or dilute your mind that could make you flinch or quit your diet, or not getting the results you expect. So if you plan on dieting, do not hesitate to consider them, which will give you valuable information on safety and what you do.

Question 1: Why do I want to lose weight?

Your answer must be conscious and clear as possible, and analyze it for you to clear data. For example: if you say "I want to lose weight to look good," then maybe you want to lose weight because deep down you want the acceptance or approval of others. But what about if you said "To feel good, healthy, because I want to provide the best for my body." Well, this changes things. If you start something for your benefit, then you have more strength and will.

Question 2: Do I have to lose weight? Why?

Well, probably there are many different answers here, and we need to do it honestly, do not say "yes" because "it's the right answer", let your true feelings to flow without the judge. Once you've answered the question then you may consider that losing weight is not an obligation, nor is it something you have to do. However, it’s necessary that you notice as you perceive yourself, if you like your body as it is, if indeed you appreciate, approve and values as it is. In fact, whether the other likes you or not, what matters if you'll like yourself. This approach may change your answer.

Question 3: If I lost weight, people will like me more?

As in previous answers, be honest and say what you feel and perceive. Then, analyze without trial. If you answered "yes", then most likely you do not endorse or accept you as you are. If you answered "no", then it may be a good omen, because then you are not losing weight to get something for others, but to feel good. If you answer is "I do not know", you do not have clear reasons, and it is necessary to clarify this point so it is not an impediment. In fact, physical appearance can give you a nice or attractive cover letter, but no one will love you or want anything more for your "cover", but for your content. However, consider that if "your content" is rejection, low self-esteem, disorder, confusion and so on, then it is what you receive from others. It is therefore very important to begin to love, create security in yourself, because regardless of how you look, this what you are.

Question 4: Can I keep this body and weight that I have, and be a loved?

This is a question that can be complex, you might not know exactly what to answer. However, you should try to answer it, and once you've done this, then you may consider the following. If you love yourself as you are, anyone will want you as you are. The problem is in doubt and that doubt is in you. Do you admire and accept enough for a person to do so? What kind of relationships you attract to your life? Do they have made you feel so special, important and valuable as you are? If the answer is no, then you should consider what you are attracting into your life, for what you attract is a reflection of your deepest feelings about you. And if you say: Why do some people treat me well and others not? Is it because there are people who are there to make us notice our deepest weaknesses, and usually these people are the couple and family. Friends often are only companions on this trip.

So if you want to lose weight and have the tools to finish any diet that you set your mind, you can follow these tips, you will see how the process is lighter and more interesting, nutritious and valuable.

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3 Reviews about 4 tips for weight loss psychology
on 06/12/2014
Great questions. Honestly, I wasn't expecting something as in depth or psychologically-based when I first started reading this article, but it's true that a lot of people want to lose weight for so many of the wrong reasons. Rather than looking at weight loss (or maintenance) as a means to health, we look at it for highly superficila reasons.
on 01/06/2014
So you say it's not bad to be fat if you love yourself... but well,. that's not good anyway... what should I do?
on 01/04/2013
Those advices are pretty good for any person who needs a little encouragement to keep on going doing something difficult like a diet, I agree with almost every step and with the idea of loving yourself before changing your appearance to be accepted by others, the important thing is to find happiness by yourself after all.

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