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5 common mistakes while trying to lose weight

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5 common mistakes while trying to lose weight

Even though you work abdominals your belly is still prominent? Have you done any and all diets do not work? You have taken this and that and still have fat around the waist? Here we'll tell you why, for most things you do, your abdomen may not be as flat as wanted. I listed the 5 most common mistakes and a very effective solution so you can start seeing results immediately.

"Low fat" food

Due to the high demand for people who want to lose weight, the food industry takes advantage of producing products that claim to be dietary when they are not. These products has are all those which claim to be "light" or which claim that they are low in calories and so on. In fact, many of these products are unreliable, since added on the other hand, chemicals, additives and others that in the body are converted into fat. As an example, cookies, soft drinks, juices, breads and others which claim to be low in sugar, when hide other substances such as sucrose.

Hiding sugar

Sugar is a food which produces more overweight, and one of the products that can be less avoided because most palates are accustomed to very sweet foods, and this has been exploited very well by the industry who does not remove the pleasure of sweet and makes you believe, moreover, that what you eat really do not bring fat. Do you think any food that says "low fat", "sugar free", "light", "low calorie" or "integral" is good for your diet? Wrong. A large majority of these products contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or chemical structure so similar to sugar that are as harmful as it. Some names to mask are levulose, maltose, lactose, dextrose, malta, among others. All these additives create hormonal disorders in your body, which leads to storing more fat and furthermore, nervoud system alteration and deterioration. Did you know “light" products have very few grains and most of the product may contain refined starches and sugars that trigger the level of sugar in the blood faster than a drink full of sugar?

Carbohydrates and processed products

We know that excess carbohydrate is converted into fat in the body, but if these are refined carbohydrates or sugars masked, then the effect will be double or triple. The vast majority of foods sold in stores had self-processes to add extra vitamins because in the development process lost all their nutritional benefits. This is true of many cereals, breads and biscuits which, although saying that is low in sugar and fat, in fact what you're consuming is a "mass" with added vitamins, which causes overweight. It is best to consume the food from its more natural and fresh form as possible, and avoid fast foo.

Burning fat products

If you often spend a lot of money on pills and products that promise to lose those kilos, this is nonsense. However, if one exploits the properties of natural foods, it is not necessary to consume such supplements. Did you know that many fat burning pills and supplements are not even regulated in the United States to ensure that active ingredients in the pills? Perhaps, indeed, in terms of food, opting for a diet that is very natural choosing natural products such as nopal, garlic, chlorophyll, the aloe, syrup, flaxseed, fresh vegetable juices, apple, lemon, grapefruit, etc., which are powerful and natural scavengers, helps burn fat in the body which helps your metabolism is balanced in a natural way.

Exercise routine

Many times, even though we do all we can, the boy refuses to take a molded, smooth and firm shape. This happens because many times we fall into the bad habit of moving the body in shape very similar mechanical way during the day. If you do an exercise routine, do not let it drop anything wrong from time to time to fill in, for example, exercising new practices, such as dancing, doing pilates, swim, climb a mountain, etc. New movements to help the body burn fat that accumulated in the places that hardly move during the day.

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2 Reviews about 5 common mistakes while trying to lose weight
on 06/08/2014
SPOT ON!! wow! I'm so impressed with the articles written in this forum, they're all so honest, true, and effective! So many people try to "cut corners" when trying to lose weight...but if you don't put in the effort...it won't work!! That's why people store fat - because they've consumed more energy than they used - which means you'll have to then burn your daily requirement, PLUS the back log of calories you have stored as fat. it's not easy! It takes time, patience...and no cheating!
on 08/07/2013
This is totally true, I think that those and the lack of will are the mistakes that most people have when trying to follow a diet, and this could be a little discouraging but we should opt for a healthier life and test ourselves in this natural journey ?

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