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33 º Agriculture Distance Course

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33 º Agriculture Distance Course

Organic agriculture is a different concept from the current industrial agriculture. This is not a new agricultural technique or narrow and backward, or a "conventional" unproductive agriculture exhausting for the soil.

On the contrary, it is creative, advanced and scientific and allows the solution of serious environmental, health and social problems, caused by the imbalance involving the disappearance of true agriculture and farmers.

By not using pesticides, the producer saves money, which he uses for the fertilization of farm products, which also avoids polluters, saving also individually and collectively, heavy machinery, fuel and resources of consequent pollution.

Improving the health of producers and consumers avoid pesticides and other toxic products, improving food quality. Maintaining and expanding a variety of crops that farmers have successfully improve soil and protect crops.

It is environmentally beneficial to observe wild animals and plants that live around the cultures.

Start Date for next edition:

  • Issue 33: May 22nd-July 31st, 2007
  • Issue 34: October 16th to December 31st, 2007

Classes: Amayuelas de Abajo (Palencia): 25-29 July 2007
Barcelona 5-9 December 2007


Enrollment limit: 1 day before the start of each edition

Course fee: 340 € (325 € for Fitness Partners, 250 € for students and farmers)

The price does not include travel or lodging, or meals.

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2 Reviews about 33 º Agriculture Distance Course
on 23/10/2014
How on Earth did we get so far off course? Just one hundred years ago we were farming the land organically, and accepting mother nature's way, and now, here we are calling organic the non-conventional way of growing food. Things really are backwards right now, and I hope for the future of the world, and of humans, that we fix this.
on 01/12/2013
Encouraging people to be better informed about this topic through classes is a very good idea, seen from all the points, it is very good for the planet, the society and the industry as well if is well used and the people really understand the right way of taking advantage of organic agriculture

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