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31 º Organic agriculture online course

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31 º Organic agriculture online course

Organic agriculture is a concept different from the current industrial agriculture. This is not a new agricultural technique, narrow or retrograde, and not is a "conventional" unproductive agriculture exhausting for the soil.

On the contrary, it is creative, advanced and scientific and allows the solution of serious environmental problems, health and social imbalance caused by the supposed disappearance of true agriculture and farmers.

By not using pesticides, the producer saves money, which he uses for the fertilization of farm products, which also avoids polluters, savings also individually and collectively, heavy machinery and fuel and resources and consequent pollution.

It improves health of producers and consumers avoiding pesticides and other toxic products, and improving food quality. Maintaining and expanding a variety of crops that farmers have successfully used to improve soil and protect crops.

It is environmentally beneficial observing the wild animals and plants that live around crops.

Start Date: October 16th, 2006

Classes: Barcelona: December 6-10


Enrollment limit: October 16th, 2006

Course fee: 340 € (325 € Fitness Partner, € 250 for students and farmers)
Price does not include travel or accommodation, or meal.

If you need more information or to clarify any questions, please visit vidasana.org

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2 Reviews about 31 º Organic agriculture online course
on 29/10/2014
Sounds like a great course, I'd love to have more information on any courses that might be running right now. Do you know if they are still offering new sessions? The price isn't too bad, but I'm kind of confused about when the classes meet. Do you go to one class in October, and then a few days in December?
on 05/01/2014
I would love to see one of this courses for myself as I think I know a lot about the topic but I am not applying that knowledge in the right path so maybe I need a new perspective about learning things, so that is why I would love to assit this, but I assume it is to late haha

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