2nd Exhibition of Yasuragi School of Shiatsu 2. Ausstellung von Shiatsu Institut Yasuragi 2ª Exposición Instituto Superior de Shiatsu Yasuragi

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2nd Exhibition of Yasuragi School of Shiatsu

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2nd Exhibition of Yasuragi School of Shiatsu

A presentation of mandalas that will take place this Sunday, June 3rd from 18:00 in the Yasuragi School of Shiatsu, Plaza de San Amarone 7

The exhibition is very nice to see, and for those who want to, they can also be purchased, at the presentation there is the web page of the person who makes and explains a little how to make and the price they have.

2nd Exhibition of Yasuragi School of Shiatsu in Plaza de San Amaro 7, Madrid

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Now, new paintings on silk: Freed from the structure of the mandala. Pure explosion of colors and shapes, free of ties ... and the brightness has a special silk satin. Many new mandalas as well.

Mandala is a circular representation as a container of sacred space. The best known are the mandalas made by Tibetan monks on the ground, with grains of color sand to destroy them once finished as a symbol of the ephemeral world of material, form a series of symbolic shapes and colors. Its objectives are varied: from aid in meditation, to help healing, energizing. As the mantras are sounds that help us to come from our inside world and merge with the cosmos, the same process try to make mandalas in the visual field as a so-called subliminal messages direct to our internal memory. Meditating on a mandala, it is therefore possible to internalize help found in the whole and understanding the Truth.

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2 Reviews about 2nd Exhibition of Yasuragi School of Shiatsu
on 15/10/2015
Reading articles like this make me really want to go to school for some different type of healing modality, like shiatsu massage! This was a really interesting article, and I"d really like to know more about different ways to use mandalas to heal. thanks so much for the information.
on 17/11/2013
I am interested in the mandalas, but well that is recently, because I do not know, I just saw one in a girl?s tattoo and then I wanted to learn more about them and that is pretty interesting so I would love to see artistic works with form of mandala, so /I will check out that site, thanks

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