24th Festival of celiac 24. Festival der Zöliakie 24º Festival del celíaco

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24th Festival of celiac

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24th Festival of celiac

On December 16th, 2006 from 12:00 to 20:00 in Hall of Pipa de la Casa de Campo (Protugal Avenue, s / n - Madrid), the 24th Festival of Celiac was held on. Younger children have been enjoying games and activities, have met other children with the same diet, watching and checking that they are not alone and tasting new products.

This event is part of the activities the Celiac Association of Madrid (ACM) conducted throughout the year, as part of its awareness campaign and information about celiac disease, which aims to bring the public with their problems and demands.


  • Inflatable castle.
  • Workshops with various activities.
  • Guixot 8: games of skill.
  • 18:00 Clowns.
  • 19:00 Visit of Santa Claus and Sweepstakes.


The food on the premises had been provided by the commercial house there, of course without any gluten. People who wanted to bring food from home could do it. Drinks and refreshments were available at the cafeteria. And of course we had the traditional "gluten free" tea.


  • Madrid
  • Adobe Cays (*)
  • Adpan (*)
  • Beiker (*)
  • Bi-Aglut (*)
  • Kindness Ardulchin ( *)
  • Buena Vista Home Video
  • Coca-Cola
  • Fiesta Glutenfree (*)
  • Gullón (*)
  • Joss Imbiosis (* )
  • Manacel (*)
  • McDonalds
  • Nestle
  • Pascual
  • Pasticely (*)
  • Pastas Gallo (*)
  • Proceli (*)
  • Sanavia (*)
  • Santiveri (*)
  • Schär
  • Sun-sun (*)
  • Thermomix (*)
  • TSR (*)

(*) Companies presented with a booth.


First prize

Jamón serrano and products donated by L. BEIKER.

Second prize

Products donated by Adobe Cays.

Third prize

Bread machine donated by MANACEL.

Other prizes

Donated by:

  • Bi-Aglut
  • Pasticely
  • Proceli Bondad Ardulchin
  • Glutenfree
  • Gullón
  • Sanavia
  • Santiveri
  • Joss
  • Schär
  • Manacel
  • Sun-Sol
  • TSR
  • Pastas Gallo

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2 Reviews about 24th Festival of celiac
on 08/10/2014
I'm surprised at how this disease just all of a sudden blew up. It got so big so fast! And now people are even taking steps to avoid consuming gluten, even if they're not intollerant. I wonder if perhaps our poor dietary choices that we are making in this lifetime will cause other ailments for future generations.
on 28/12/2013
There are many people who don?t even know they have problems related to the gluten, and they keep consuming them until it is too late so if you have problem when consuming that type of cereals, you should check with a doctor and well you will see that there are many gluten-free products

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