22nd edition of Bioculture in Madrid 22. Ausgabe der Bioculture in Madrid 22ª Edición de BioCultura en Madrid

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22nd edition of Bioculture in Madrid

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22nd edition of Bioculture in Madrid

Bioculture. Fair of Alternatives and Responsible Consumption

MADRID. From 3rd to November 6th. Glass Pavilion. Casa de Campo

Bioculture reached its 22nd edition of Madrid's invitation. The most important fair of the Spanish state expects the participation of 650 exhibitors and over 140,000 visitors.

Thus it welcomes a successful career, a reflection of an industry consolidation that has evolved and has been implemented in Spanish society as a future.

Bioculture is the leading trade fair for food with biological concerns and the multi-reference products and services related to environment and quality of life. It is about fair and responsible consumption of GM-free products in the Spanish state.

Region of Murcia: Bioculture’s star

Pioneer in organic agriculture in Spain and rich in fruit, vegetables, rice, grapes, almonds and grain of premium quality, The Murcia region has been chosen this year's star of the Autonomous Community Bioculture. The know-how of its farmers and the enjoyed and wonderful weather make it a true bio place. There are many events around the participation of Murcian that they will endeavor to show the advantages and virtues of organic products from Murcia and its incomparable taste and quality.

The great showcase 

Bioculture is the ideal platform to inform, educate and encourage the consumption of organic food. The outreach and dissemination of the benefits and healthy properties of these products is an important and urgent. The fair is an ideal place for this purpose. The consumer can obtain all the necessary information and at the same time produce a meeting between producer-consumer, who, together with the guarantee scheme and the stamp of certification, represent the greatest reason for confidence in the product. Consumption in the domestic market needs a quick boost.

Biological products must also meet one of its objectives: local production for local consumption. In this way, we get a product in the process that has taken into account more than the production methods free of synthetic chemical products: the energy, transport, local economy, the social fabric of rural areas, the commitment of citizen.

The tradeshow 

A wide range, with a high level of quality, maturity and professionalism characteristic of traders and businesses in each edition. Organic food / organic sector is the main Bioculture, along which are many products and suggestions for daily living that have also been obtained by organic methods, without the use of synthetic chemical substances.

Thus, we have natural products for hygiene and cosmetics, bio-materials, renewable energy, furniture and furnishings for housing and healthy workplaces; complementary therapies and medicines, saving and recycling, ecology, environment, tourism and rural houses rest, toys, crafts, music, books and magazines.

Bioculture welcomes professionals in each of the sectors, making it the ideal place for business transactions and business ethics.


The Selection Committee is composed of the Bioculture team B, the Committee on Organic Agriculture in the Community of Madrid and technical professionals in all sectors present. Working meticulously over the years and rigorously to the proposals presented at the fair are eligible. The food can only be biological / ecological / organic, certified by any of the bodies officially recognized in Spain and Europe, other European countries, the certificates that are under the same EU Regulation 2092/91, and the rest of countries, recognized by the European Union. The other sectors are also subject to specific conditions of participation that are improved each year and become more demanding. There is also an ethical code for admission of exhibitors to be met.

Free and transparent Information 

Experts, communicators, simple and sincere people... and all of them will share their knowledge and experience. The program of activities is broad and covers myriad of topics of common interest. Health, agriculture, consumption, food, energy, bio, education, disaster, pollution, environmental hazards ... of this, what is known and what remains is to learn to speak and discuss freely and openly. Everyone must participate in the complaint of an unfair and alarming situation, but we must also work on the solution and to achieve an equitable, free and healthy life. More than 180 panels, workshops, lectures, and more… be part of this debate in favor of a dignified life in peace.


Vida Sana Association, declared of Public Utility, is the organizer of Bioculture. In 1974 brought it in Spain and promoted the movement of the biological culture. Already 30 years denouncing and announcing, in advance, scandals that have been happening, and at the same time, ways of building viable and profitable to farmers, ranchers and industrialists, and sound for health and the environment.

In this jungle of technology, based on the law of the jungle, survival is not easy. The self is the basis of independence that characterizes Vida Sana and thus also to Bioculture. The severity, persistence and transparency have become in regards to Bioculture internationally.

Estimated in Bioculture 2006:

650 exhibitors and 143,000 visitors.

Forecast participation by sector:

  • Agriculture and food biological: 44% (around 12,000 references of certified products)
  • Products and services for agriculture and biological industries: 3%
  • Complementary therapies: 9%
  • Cosmetics: 7%
  • Renewable energy, bio, home additions: 6%
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories: 6%
  • NGOs: 8%
  • Crafts: 6%
  • Music publications: 4%
  • Ecology, environment, recycling: 4%
  • Tourism and rural nursing homes: 3%

ACTIVITIES: 180 lectures, panel discussions, debates, workshops... 

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2 Reviews about 22nd edition of Bioculture in Madrid
on 30/10/2014
Wow, that's really cool that Emily has actually been there and seen it, and can live to tell that the fair is growing and becoming even more prominent. We definitely need more of these fairs, more information, more awareness, more promotion. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the great information!
on 02/02/2014

Wow, there are so many topics and the most amazing thing is that today this fair is even better, with more topics and more things to show, especially the products since more and more people are opting to produce organic food instead of common and are gaining place in the whole world

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